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How to Prevent Osteoporosis - Statistics show that one out of five American women, over the age of 50, has osteoporosis and by the time symptoms are present, it is too late. Learn how to prevent this disease which can begin during adolescense.
Bike Trailers Make Healthy Living A Family Affair - A bike trailer is an excellent way to stay active with your child safely in tow.

Busy Homeschooling Moms Love Bike Trainers - Moms who home-school their children are some of the busiest women I know. If you mention finding time for their own weight loss or fitness program you might just get laughed out of the room.

Bike Trainers And Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand - A bike trainer is a great way to start cycling for weight loss, especially if you are big and just beginning. No embarrassing appearances on the street and no hills that you have to walk up. The weather is no longer a factor and your joints will thank you.

Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan: A Review - suzannesomersweightlossplanSuzanne Somers is recognizable not only because of her sit-com show "Three's Company" from the 1970's, but because of her picture on the front of magazines and best-selling weight loss books over the intervening years. Somehow she has managed not to age in that time!

Use A Bike Trainer To Fight Off The Winter - Bring your summer exercise indoors with an bike trainer. When you hook your bike to an indoor trainer, there is no need to add a stair stepper, or a treadmill to your already cluttered exercise room. Your bike now keeps you in shape both indoors and outdoors.

Getting Started on a Better Lifestyle Can Be the Hardest Part - I wrote this in response to a plea for help from Sue, who wrote into our forum not knowing what to do about her situation. I think she is in the same position as many. She's not happy with her weight and knows that bad habits have led to being heavy. Some of my suggestions, below, may help you too. Or you may have suggestions of you own. I'd love for you to contribute your ideas. Easy to do that in the forum.

Requirements For a Certified Nutritionist - The requirements for becoming a nutritionist vary greatly. Here are some general “rules of thumb” to help you understand the educational and professional requirements for certified nutritionists.

Tips For Staying Motivated To Exercise - Trouble in getting motivated to exercise and maintaining that motivation has been the downfall of many a New Years resolution. Here are a few tips that will help you keep between the ditches.

The Benefits of Strength Training - Strength training can take you from being a worn out, uncoordinated dependent, to being an active and vital independent individual. It doesn't take a lot of time, and the quality of your life depends on it. Even if you are young and healthy right now, strength training will make everything you do so much easier.

Hypnosis Can Be A Great Way To Finally Overcome Your On-Again, Off-Again Motivation to Diet and Lose Weight - hypnosis for weight lossEvery day I hear ads on the radio for the use of hypnosis to help you lose weight. I never thought much about it, but the more I learn about hypnosis, the more I realize that it could help to overcome the biggest obstacle people face when thinking about losing weight...MOTIVATION!

Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work? - Hypnosis for weight lossHypnosis for weight loss is not at all like the stage shows where people are made to cluck like chickens and do goofy stunts. With a 97 % success rate, hypnosis may provide the edge you need to lose unwanted pounds and better yet, keep them off for good.

Politically Incorrect Holiday Fat Loss Tips - holidayfatlosstipsHere are some holiday fat loss tips that you might not find to be politically correct.

I was at a big event last week and was reminded how important it is to have strategies for this season of high-calorie parties and busy schedules.

But I get ticked off by the tired old suggestions you find on the Internet or in magazines like Woman's World.

Energy Pills, Should You Try Them? - energypills1I've never used energy pills, but I received a submission recently from a reader who was advocating the use of a 'workout pill' to help with exercise motivation and workout energy. I almost deleted the message because it was spam, but it got me to thinking about energy supplements that affect your metabolism (think 'ephedra').

It has been shown that ephedra is potentially harmful enough that it has been banned, but what about the caffeine based products?

Are they safe to use and effective? What are the hazzards, if any? I did some research and wrote about my findings.

4 Top Fat Burning Tips for Beginners - fatburningtipsFat burning doesn't have to be complicated. Follow these basic tips to ensure a successful weight loss program that will lead to a lean and healthy lifestyle.

A Weight Loss Tip You May Never Heard Of - weight loss tipJust because a weight loss tip is unusual and seems a little wacky, doesn't mean it isn't effective. Here are 4 easy-to-do ideas that have been proven effective in studies.

Body Building Nutrition, The Truth - body building nutritionGood body building nutrition is not rocket-science, but it is critical to growing muscle and shedding fat. Let me boil it down to its basic elements.

Hypothyroidism And Weight Gain Can Be Prevented - hypothyroidismI have been working with a client recently who is in great physical condition but about 30 pounds heavier than she would like and it turns out the problem is due to hypothyroidism.

Exercise During Menopause - bodyweightexercisesI am learning that exercise during menopause can really help. Because of my own proximity to menopause, and some of the symptoms of change that are already happening to me, I thought some of my readers might be interested as well in the effects that exercise can have.

Body Building Tips - bodyweightexercisesIf you are a beginner, these body building tips could save you alot of pain and wasted effort. Why not avoid these motivation killers and get yourself off to a great start.

There Can Be Enormous Calories in What We Drink - liquidcaloriesThough I knew, of course, that there are calories in some of the things I drink, and alot of calories in some of the sweetened drinks, I hadn't thought of the fact that these calories don't register in the brain when it comes to feeling 'full'. In other words, you can consume alot of calories in liquid form without slowing down your hunger.

Faster Weight Loss With Interval Training - weightlossJust a short article on fast weight loss for those who don't have alot of time to waste on workouts at the gym.

Turbulence Training - What is It? A Review of This Fat Loss Program - turbulencetrainingCraig Ballentynes' 'Turbulence Training'. I had heard alot about this fat loss program so I bought the ebook to have a look for myself. I wanted to determine if his claims had substance or were just another run-of-the-mill rehash of material already in print.

Fat Burning Bodyweight Circuit Exercises - bodyweightexercisesTry Craigs bodyweight circuit exercises for "no-equipment fat burning" when you are travelling and can't get to your gym.

Fish Oil May Help You Burn Fat... But Not THAT Much Fat! - fishoilIt looks like you can add fat-loss to the other benefits of taking fish oil supplements. This is along side of other benefits like heart, blood (cholesterol/triglycerides), brain, skin and joint health (and the rest of the list, which is too long to print here).

Why Hire A Personal Trainer? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons. - Hire a personal trainer to help with motivation, technical skills, strength, fat loss, agility and a host of other benefits.
Cut It Out! - Avoiding Insulin Crashes...Some Benefits of the Glycemic Index Diet - While low glycemic index foods alone won't necessarily offset fatigue from raising children and the rigors of a busy lifestyle, they can absolutely improve your overall energy.
Interval Training and Strength Training is Better than Cardio for Fat Loss - Craig Ballantyne, well known fitness author, insists that cardio exercise, by itself, is almost useless for fat loss and that interval training will do a much better job.
Shake things up and challenge yourself for better fat loss results - Break out of the mold and push your regular limits to achieve quicker fat loss results. Think of things a little differently and you could easily break out of a fat loss plateau.
Here is a Good Abdominal Exercise - I get this question all of the time... What is a good abdominal exercise that will trim my middle and lead to a six-pack? The answer is not as simple as you might think.
Control Diabetes with Exercise - The ideal time to learn to control diabetes is before you get it. There is a theory that the modern diet, with an overabundance of sugary additives and refined carbs, causes the insulin and blood sugar levels to spike and drop continually. This results in highs and lows in energy and cravings for more sweets shortly after you already had some. It also results in exhaustion of the insulin supply system such that over time your body can't handle the demands and the glucose builds up in your blood instead of being used as energy.
Boost Your Immune System with Exercise - Many studies agree that moderate, regular exercise can boost your immune system.
More on Fitness and Aging - As baby-boomers reach their senior years, fitness and aging will become a hot topic. Until science finds a way to 'cure' aging, there are several things a sensible person can do to stay trim, flexible and within a healthy weight or body fat percentage range
Exercise Can Be The Fountain of Youth - Exercise for the over-50 crowd is decidedly healthy. As people age, several changes occur that exercise can help slow or reverse.
The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss. - How will you know if a diet will lead to permanent weight loss? There are some general guidelines, rules of thumb, and ways of viewing a diet program that will allow you to decide, once and for all, if it’s the right diet for you.
Weight Loss After Pregnancy - I gained alot of weight with my first pregnancy. Weight loss after pregnancy was very important to me because I have a small frame and the extra weight looked awful!
Weight Loss for Men - Diet and weight loss for men becomes more of a concern particularly with the onset of middle age. The weight-gain problems begin when activity levels and BMR decrease but calorie intake remains the same.
What is Basal Metabolic Rate? - Have you noticed that every year, it becomes harder to eat whatever you want and stay slim? Did you also know that your basal metabolic rate (BMR) decreases as you age. Likewise, depriving yourself of food in hopes of losing weight also decreases your BMR. BMR is the rate at which your body consumes calories when at rest and it is not hard to increase your BMR.
What Exactly Is the Body Mass Index? - The body mass index is important because it provides an objective, non-emotional measurement of your weight. It doesn't cover all the variables, but it will give a good indication of where you stand on the obesity scale.
Spot Reducing Truth - I've had clients ask if spot reducing is possible because they like their bodies except for their fat thighs or their fat butt.
Choose the Right Weight Loss Program - So you have decided that it's time to do something about the size of your butt or your thighs or your tummy...whatever...and you begin to wonder whether you should try that weight loss program you heard about from a friend. Here are a number of important questions you will want the answers to.
Weight Loss In Women Is Different than In Men - Sorry to state the obvious but women are biologically different from men. Duh! So it follows that weight loss in women is also going to be somewhat different than in men.
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Women - Busy women need practical, do-able weight loss tips that fit in with their lifestyles.
Weight Loss Surgery...An Acceptable Risk? - Surgical techniques have evolved over the past few decades, and most are effective to a degree, in the sense that they can lead to substantial weight loss. That loss comes about usually as the result of restricted caloric intake by eating less or by absorbing less of the food that is eaten.
Steer Clear of Fad Diets - Fad diets are weight loss plans or aids that promise dramatic results. These diets don't offer long-term success, and they are usually not very healthy. Some of them can actually be dangerous to your health.
Obesity and Your Health - It is becoming common knowledge that as a people, North Americans are getting fatter and fatter. Perhaps the rise in obesity is most evident in our children.
The Importance of Fiber In Your Diet - Judging by the commercials on TV, food companies have finally realized that fiber is a healthy addition to a good diet. It is about time. While fiber is no miracle food, failure to get enough fiber in your food can lead to a number of health problems.
Weight loss and Exercise...A Beautiful Partnership - The unavoidable truth is that to lose weight or even just to maintain the healthy weight you have takes not only a nutritious, balanced diet, but a regular exercise program.
Choose the Right Weight Loss Diet for You - People get in such a panic to lose unwanted fat that they embark on a fad weight loss diet forgetting that they need the four traditional food groups, in proper balance, on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body.
How Using the Glycemic Index Can Affect Your Weight - Perhaps the biggest challenge to losing weight (and staying on a diet) is constantly feeling hungry. Foods with low glycemic index values are among the most filling of all foods and delay hunger pangs for longer.
Brain Science And New Year's Resolutions - A Study in Goal Setting - Goal setting is so important, that I always teach goal setting and mind dynamics first, and only THEN, do I teach nutrition and training second. You change your body by creating new habitual patterns of thinking and visualizing.
So You Wanna be a Fitness Model? - This article will be useful to both experienced and novice types looking to "break in" to the fitness model biz. If you are already a professional and successful fitness model, I am sure you may still glean some useful information from this article.
Body Building Myths That Must Die! - Most myths are nine parts fantasy and one part truth, though of course, some myths have no truth to them at all. I have spent much of my career attempting to expose myths surrounding body building and topics that relate to it, such as drugs, nutrition and supplementation etc.
A review of the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program - What NutriSystem calls its 'Nourish program' is all about convenience for the dieter. Their heat-and-eat meals are ordered from their website and shipped to your door.
A Guide to Exercise For Beginners - First of all, Congratulations! for taking the first step to better fitness and health. If you have never been a regular exerciser, this is an exercise for beginners tutorial that will teach you how to get started with an exercise program - and stick with it.
What is the Mediterranean diet? - The low incidence of chronic diseases and high life-expectancy rates of the Mediterrranean people eating traditional Mediterranean diet foods has caused a lot of interest in this way of eating.
A Review of 'Body Building Revealed' by Will Brink - Will Brink, a recognized expert in nutrition, has greatly expanded his popular ebook "Bodybuilding Nutrition" and has renamed it "Body Building Revealed". As with his book "Diet Supplements Revealed" you receive more than just a book when you purchase.
What are the Health Benefits of Wine? - It's nice to know that I don't have to feel guilty about liking a glass of red wine with my dinner. Consumed in moderation, wine does have some properties that can benefit your health.
The Importance of Working Your Core Muscles - Strong core muscles will improve posture and make everything you do much easier.
Benefits of Using a Stability Ball in Your Training - Add a stability ball to your home gym equipment if you want results and to have a little fun with your workouts.
Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes - In spite of the rising number of cases of type 2 diabetes, there is no need for you to develop this 'adult onset' disease. Just follow this prescription...
Great Leg Workout For The Beginner - Here is a simple leg workout for beginners that you can perform in your home without equipment or fear of injury.
Benefits of Cardio Interval Training - The heart is a muscle, or, more accurately, a group or “package” of muscles, similar in many ways to the muscles of the arms and legs. And just as exercise strengthens and improves the muscles you use for movement, it enhances the health of the heart muscles as well. Cardio interval training is a great way to improve heart health.
What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training? - Learn of the many benefits of resistance training. A personal trainers perspective.
10 Things You Should Know About Stretching Exercises - Many people don't realize the importance of stretching exercises when working out. Improve your workout, strength and flexibility.
Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Ways to Stop the Weight Gains - Using hypnosis for weight loss is becoming more popular among a population that is feeling age related changes in the bodies metabolism.
Why Hire a Fitness Trainer? - Do you really need to hire a fitness trainer? How to stay motivated and on track to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.
Rapid Weight Loss Techniques - Learn a few tips about rapid weight loss that could change your life.



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