Weight Loss Tips for Busy Women

Weight Loss Tips for Busy Women

Keeping an ideal body weight and its healthy maintenance has become an important issue. It is each individual's own responsibility to keep safe measures in order to maintain a healthy life and weight. For most women the neccesity of building up a life-long nutritional plan, the lack of exercise, not to mention the speeded-up lifestyle and the growing responsibilities rolled some tough obstacles on the road of healthy lifestyle. But with a bit of attention and a few tips these can easily be rolled over. Now let us see some basic tips!

Weight loss tips#1... After a good night sleep, breakfast is the most important moment and meal of the day. Through it the body gains fuel for a high-energy level and productive day. Breakfast also helps the mind make better food choices during the remainder of the day. As muscles need protein and cannot function properly without it, women, who attempt to lose fat and/or tone up their muscles, will get the best results when consume an ample amount of protein with breakfast.

Weight loss tips#2 When choosing meats- chicken, fish and turkey are your best choices as they are lower in fat. They are lower in calories as well and have less cholesterol. But don't eliminate red meats. They're not only an excellent source of protein but also of iron, zinc, helping us tremendously keeping fit.

Weight loss tips#3 Try to include fruits in your daily menu. Bananas, oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits are the best choices. They're rich in vitamin C and potassium. Eat fruit and drink juices daily, but be aware: fruits and fruit juices contain a lot of calories, so if you're trying to lose weight, once a day is good enough.

Weight loss tips#4 Among other vitamins, a daily vitamin E may help protect against heart disease and cancer. Women who consider taking supplements should know that these are meant to supplement healthy eating, not to compensate for poor eating habits.

Weight loss tips#5 Exercise is never an option ; if possible, it is essential. Cardiovascular exercise and more importantly resistance exercise is essential for good long-term health. So make efforts to include even a few minutes of targeted exercise in your daily schedule. Try an afternoon of ice skating, cross-country skiing, or sledding (all about 590* calories), swimming, whatever you desire.

If women make good choices, exercise on a regular basis and pay attention to their BMI ,it is less likely they will become a strain on the health system years later.

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