Cut It Out! - Avoiding Insulin Crashes...Some Benefits of the Glycemic Index Diet

The phrase "you are what you eat" can be a frightening thought. It's also true - the types of food you eat have a direct impact on your energy levels, metabolism, and even your mood.

While food alone won't necessarily offset fatigue from raising children and the rigors of a busy lifestyle, it can absolutely improve your overall energy.

One key aspect the two most popular programs share is in the reduction or removal of high glycemic index foods from your diet. This is the cornerstone of low carb diets - including those from the largest plans like Atkins, South Beach, or the GI Diet. The reason this matters has to do with insulin - certain foods stimulate the secretion of insulin for absorption into your body.

When you eat lunch or an early dinner, do you regularly struggle to regain your energy or motivation? While food portions can be one cause, an often overlooked factor is the glycemic index of the food you just ate. Foods with a high glycemic index (like white rice, white bread, even some vegetables) trigger a quick burst of insulin - followed by a rapid crash that leaves you feeling tired and actually encourages hunger again - and the cycle continues.

Not surprisingly, foods that are high in sugar or consist of high glycemic loads (carbs that are quickly converted into sugar) are also a common contributor to emotional distress.

One way to combat the wild swings in mood caused by food digestion is to adopt a low glycemic index menu. Some favorite low GI foods include:

" Chicken - with lemon, parsley, and sprinkled with lemon pepper
" Pasta - enriched penne with soy (yes, the right types of pasta can be low glycemic and OK)
" Smoked Salmon - served with vegetables or beans or whole grain rice
" Stir Fry Vegetables
" Banana Cookies with nuts - substitute the usual cake and dough with banana's for a tasty treat

While there's no guarantee that nutrition alone will revitalize your state of mind, getting started with some very basic diet changes may help provide you with real results in energy and overall wellness. Did we mention it could also aid in weight loss?

Wayne Becker is a writer for, an information resource that provides low GI Dietbenefit awareness, details on the Glycemic Index Diet and other low carb online diet plans, and features news, research, and low & high glycemic food lookup tables.

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