Exercises for Every Part of Your Body

I'm adding to this list of exercises continually to provide you with information that will allow you to vary your workout. As I go, I'll be adding tips on form as well as illustrations.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions for something that I may have left out or for information on on moves to target specific muscle groups that may be important to you.

All Over Total Body Exercise

I've recently put up a page on a type of exercise that has many overall benefits and perhaps best of all, it is fun and easy to do... check out... Rebounder Exercise

Abdominal and Mid-Section Exercises

The moves listed in these pages will work not only your abdominals, but other important core muscles that shouldn't be neglected.

Illustrated Abdominal Exercises
Basic Crunch on the floor, Variations of the basic crunch,

Illustrated Abdominal Exercises
Elbow to Knee Crunch (one of the best abdominal exercises and it requires no equipment)

Illustrated Ab Exercises With An Exercise Ball
Basic Crunch for Beginners Using the Exercise Ball, Advanced Position for Crunches on the Exercise Ball,

Illustrated Ab Exercise With An Exercise Ball
Lying Ball Twist (targets the obliques) using an exercise ball,

More Illustrated Ab Exercises With An Exercise Ball
Jack-knife Crunch using the exercise ball, Variation of the Basic Crunch using the Exercise Ball,

100 Abdominal Exercises
Non-supported Bent Knee Arms Extended Twisting Sit-up, Bent Knee Sit-up, Non-Supported Bent Knee Sit-up, Bent Knee Alternating Sit-up, Bent Knee Compound Sit-up

Page 2: Ab Exercises
Crunch (Decline Bench), Crunch, Crunch (Machine), Bent Knee Arms Extended Sit-up, Heel High Sit-up

Page 3: Ab Exercises
Crunches on the Ball, Reverse Crunch, Twisting Sit-Up (Decline Bench), Bent Knee Arms Extended Sit-up, Heel High Compound Sit-up

Page 4: Ab Exercises Using Barbells
Barbell Good Morning, Twisting Barbell Good Morning, Compound Barbell Good Morning, Barbell Side Bends, Seated Barbell Side Bend, Stiff Legged Barbell Deadlift.

Page 5: Ab Exercises Using Dumbells
Seated Dumbell Side Bend, Dumbell Side Bends, Seated Dumbell Rear Side Bend, Hand on Head Dumbell Side Bend, Hand on Head Dumbell Front Side Bend

Page 6: Lower Ab Exercises
Explodes the myth of lower ab exercises.
Dip Stand Leg Raise, Seated Incline Leg Raise, Dip Stand Alternating Leg Raise, Flat Bench Weighted Alternating Leg Raise, Lying Leg Cross Over, Double Leg Cross Over
Page 7: More Lower Ab Exercises
Twisting Leg Raise, Incline Twisting Leg Raise, Seated Incline Twisting Leg Raise, Flat Bench Twisting Leg Raise, Seated Flat Bench Twisting Leg Raise,

Page 8: More Lower Ab Exercises
Chinning Bar Twisting Leg Raise, Dip Stand Twisting Leg Raise, Incline Compound Leg Raise, Weighted Leg Raise, Incline Weighted Leg Raise

Page 9: More Lower Ab Exercises
Twisting Leg Pull In, Flat Bench Twisting Leg Pull-in, Seated Flat Bench Twisting Leg Pull-in, Incline Twisting Leg Pull-in, Seated Incline Twisting Leg Pull-up

Page 10: More Lower Ab Exercises
Low Pulley Alternating Leg Pull-In, Lower Pulley Twisting Leg Pull-In, Low Pulley Compound Leg Pull-In, Extension Machine Leg Pull-In, Seated Flat Bench Leg Tuck, Incline Leg Tuck, Seated Floor Leg Tuck

Page 11: More Lower Ab Exercises
Dip Stand V Leg Raise, V Leg Raise, Flat Bench V Leg Raise, Seated Flat Bench V Leg Raise, Incline V Leg Raise, Seated Incline V Leg Raise, Vertical Bench V Leg Raise, Chinning Bar V Leg Raise, Hip Roll, Incline Hip Roll

Page 12: More Ab Exercises
Heel High Twisting Sit-Up, Heel High Alternating Twisting Sit-Up, Weighted Heel High Sit-Up, Weighted Heel High Compound Sit-Up, Jackknife Sit-up, Feet Against Wall Sit-Up

Page 13: More Ab Exercises
Over a Bench Sit-Up, Over a Bench Twisting Sit-Up, Over a Bench Compound Sit-Up, Weighted Over a Bench Sit-Up, Weighted Over a Bench Compound Sit-Up, Unsupported Sit-Up

Page 14: More Ab Exercises
Bicycle Manoeuver, Alternating Twisting Sit-Up, Incline Compound Sit-Up, Compound Sit-Up, Decline Bench Compound Sit-up, Incline Bench Compound Sit-Up, Non-Supported Compound Sit-up

Page 15: More Ab Exercises
Twisting Sit-Up, Incline Twisting Sit-Up, Incline Arms Extended Bent Knee Compound Sit-Up, Bent Knee Arms Extended Compound Sit-Up, Weighted Bent Knee Compound Sit-Up, Nonsupported Bent Knee Arms Extended Sit-Up

Back Exercises

Back Pain Causes and Cautions Back pain is the most frequent cause of missed work after the common cold - Read this.

Back Stretching Exercises To Reduce Back Pain
Knee to Chest, Hamstring and Back, Hamstring and Low Back

5 Common and Effective Back Strengthening Exercises
Straight Arm Pulldowns, Lat Pulldowns, Pull Ups, Bent Over Lateral Raise, Bent Over Barbell Row

Lower Back Exercises
Barbell Dead Lift, Stiff Legged Barbell Dead Lift, Dumbell Dead Lift, Stiff Legged Dumbell Dead Lift, Bent Knee Barbell Good Morning, Stiff Legged Barbell Good Morning

More (higher difficulty)Lower Back Exercises
Hyper Extension, Twisting Hyper Extention, Weighted Hyper Extension, Twisting Weighted Hyper Extention, Alternating Twisting Weighted Hyper Extention

Back Exercises with Barbells
Barbell Split Clean, Barbell Power Clean, Barbell Clean and Press

Back Exercises with Dumbells
Dumbell Split Clean, Dumbell Squat Clean, Dumbell Power Clean and Press

Upper Back Strengthening Exercises
Dumbell Shoulder Shrug, Alternating Dumbell Shoulder Shrug, Barbell Shoulder Shrug

Upper Back Exercises
Seated Dumbell Shrug, Seated Alternating Dumbell Shrug, Wide Grip High Pull, Medium Grip High Pull

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