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Links on this page have been selected for quality and relevence to the topics of fitness, health and weight loss. I have tried not to clutter it up with junk just to get backlinks. Please visit any of these sites with confidence.

Antibacterial hand soap Defense Soap - The Best Athlete Soap — contains powerful natural antibacterial, anti- fungal and antiviral ingredients - known to kill MRSA, Staph, Ringworm, Impetigo and Herpes.

How To Build Muscles, Get Big Fast, and Gaining Muscle Fast Learn how to build muscle to increase muscle mass & get big fast. Our program shows how to build muscles with muscle building workouts.

Nutrition Lifestyles specializes in Bosch Mixers dehydrators, grain mills and supplements.

Repetitive Strain Injury - Safe Computing Tips Learn about office ergonomics, workstation ergonomics, computer ergonomics, laptop ergonomics and ergonomic seating. Healthycomputing tips about carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury & other muscle pains while using your computer for longer periods of time.

Building Muscle Guide to building muscle fast including information on correct training, nutrition, supplementation and more.

Buy Phentermine and other prescription Diet Pills from a trusted, FDA approved U.S. Pharmacy at TrustedOnlineDrugs.com

Weight Loss Center is your free online guide to weight loss, dieting and nutrition. Visit the Weight Loss Center Forum and join our community of fellow dieters today!

Real Women's Fitness
A very popular blog with daily posts on REAL women's fitness, health and weight loss.

Bodybuilding For The Hardgainer Tips and techniques for gaining weight and building muscle. Free guide to dieting and training for fast bodybuilding results. Reviews of all the top muscle building supplements and programs.

Fat camp Fat camps
Weight loss summer camp for children of all ages, offering useful articles and tips on kids weight loss and fighting childhood obesity.

Fitness Programs for Life Fitness advice, guides and programs based on The Alexander Technique to help you get the best results from your training.

The Weight Loss Institute is a comprehensive information resource on weight loss issues and diet pills. They offer a comparison of diet pills

Affordable Bodybuilding Supplements
1500 products to choose from at extremly low prices, IllPumpYouUp.com

Commercial fitness equipment A brand of original-design commercial fitness equipment, using hydraulic technology, for 30-minute circuit-training fitness centers around the world.

Building Muscle 101 - Helping beginner and advanced weight trainers build muscle. Free weight lifting routines, tips, menus, and nutritional advice.

DirectoryHealthy.com - Health directory and healthy information.

Women's Health and Fitness
Complete guide to women's health issues with dozens of articles on fitness, pregnancy symptoms, dietary supplements, exercise equipment, nutrition and weightloss, health conditions, and beauty tips.

Fit Over 40: Role Models For Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Fitness Excellence Former obese couch potato reveals simple but powerful anti-aging, fitness and weight loss secret, and 50 inspiring success stories prove it will work for anyone, at any age - 40, 50, 60 & beyond!

Nutritional Supplements Order discount nutritional supplements online. Find the best sports nutrition and bodybuilding products available. www.supplementswow.com.

Tom Venuto's Fitness Renaissance "The Honest Bodybuilding & Fitness Site." Home of Natural Bodybuilder, author, personal trainer and success coach, Tom Venuto.

Burn The Fat.Com New e-book reveals the Fat Burning Secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Discover how to permanently lose body fat without drugs, supplements or fad diets.

A New York City network of highly experienced certified personal fitness trainers providing customized one-on-one diet and training programs. In gym or home.

The Internet's Fitness Resource.

Beauty Supply - Shop Folica.com for your favorite hair care, skin care and beauty brands. Check out what's new from Philosophy, Murad, Bliss and more. Choose from over 6000 beauty products.

StephenHoltFitness.com Attention Baby Boomers: Get your free fitness tips for your unique goals from "Personal Trainer of the Year" and "Expert of the Year" Awards winner, Stephen Holt.

Frustrated With Your Search For Alternative Medicine Products That Specifically Benefit YOU? Alternative Medicine & Health,

Back Pain and Neck Pain Exercises Core stability exercises by qualified physiotherapist to strengthen your back and neck muscles to stop recurring pains.

Immune System Boosting
The soil-based good bacteria in Nature's Biotics aid in boosting your immune system.

Resources Directory
The online resource centre.

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