The Path to Womens Health is Not Through the Doctors' Office!

We discovered that thousands of women search the web for the term 'womens health' every month. The reasons for this quest are varied but the implications are staggering! Think about the number of times recently you heard that a friend, relative or acquaintance was diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Crohns disease, alzheimers disease or any number of other equally horrible illnesses.

I'm going to describe here some of our personal experiences but read on to the bottom to learn the root causes and the cures for these diseases. The path to womens health is not in the modern medical, treat-the-symptoms, "sickness industry" but rather in the newer "wellness industry".

A young woman we know, the daughter of a good friend, recently underwent a radical mastectomy at the age of 29! Not only must she live with the disfigurement, but she and her family and friends must live with the real fear of a recurrance of the cancer in other parts of her body. Her sister must be frightened that it could happen to her because of genetic commonalities.

Another woman we know, in her 40's, after suffering a broken wrist, was diagnosed with osteoporosis. This was a shock as she had been taking a brand-name calcium supplement for years to avoid just such an event.

My (Bruces') youngest sister Jane is a cancer survivor and another sister, Pat underwent a kidney transplant less than a year ago due to a still unexplained renal shutdown. To add insult to injury, she is just now recovering (thank God!) from West Nile Virus! You may have seen Pat's picture in the papers or on the TV, she's the lady in the wheelchair who doesn't know if she will ever regain the use of her legs. The virus had an advantage in her case, no doubt, due to her suppressed immune system caused by the anti-rejection drugs.

How many of you have similar womens health stories or know someone with arthritis?... severe allergies to just about everything?... alzeimers' disease?... Crohn's disease?

The list goes on, and that is just for us! So it's little wonder that womens health is a popular topic.

The root cause for this legion of womens health problems has been suspected by many who have simply put two and two together. Now more and more doctors and research scientists confirm that many diseases can be traced to a few important factors...

  • A deficient diet. Vitamins, minerals and fibre are missing or in short supply in todays fast and convenient, processed foods.

    Farm land has long been depleted of many of the minerals required for optimal health. If these minerals are not in the ground, they won't be present in the foods grown there. This is why livestock must be heavily supplemented with minerals for healthy growth and disease resistance.

    Think about how fine the powder is of processed flours used in baking today. Steel rollers literally grind any usable fibre into dust! The husks of each grain are removed. Your body, in particular your colon, cannot function efficiently without dietary fibre in much larger quantities than found in todays foods. Many experts now agree that colon, congested with toxins and unable to function properly is a primary contributer to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

    To learn more about colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, diverticulosis, spastic colon, Crohns disease, and other colon diseases and digestive disorders that both men and women suffer from, visit this informative site

  • A toxic diet. Take a look at the list of ingredients of any of the processed foods you find in the supermarket. Preservatives such as nitrates, sweetening chemicals, sugars used to replace fats, fats and unpronouncable compounds are there that were never intended to go into the human body. All, of course come with the assurance of the manufacturers that the ingredients are harmless,even good for you! I would think that the negative effects on womens health and waistlines over time is obvious.

  • A toxic environment. We wade around daily in polluted air, breathe and eat tiny doses of pesticides, and drink contaminated water. Even some of the cosmetics commonly used (hair sprays in particular) are more toxic and more detrimental to womens health than some pesticides used on your lawn! Sure it doesn't smell too bad or taste too bad or make you feel sick immediately...but the long-term effects on womens health of repeated exposure compromise the immune system and the symptoms of illness may take years to show up. Much of this is unavoidable, unless you live in a bubble.

  • Self Sabotage. Excessive usage of alcohol is very harmful to both men's and women's health. Over the counter and prescription drug misuse are also destructive to health.

The answer according to the 'sickness industry', is to develop and prescribe more drugs to relieve the numerous symptoms. It is an unfortunate reality that modern medicine thrives on illness and the more the better. Think about it for a minute. Pharmaceutical companies are among the richest and most powerful corporations on the stock exchange and their influence is vast. Of course, they tell you that your health is their objective but profit would seem to be the bigger target.

Even the American Medical Association has voted and made it policy for doctors not to dispense food supplements from their offices! This in spite of their recent stated recognition that people should be supplementing their diet by taking vitamins...

"Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements." (Journal of the American Medical Association), June 2002

Why would our doctors vote not to dispense products that could have positive health benefits? Could it be low profit margins for them and for the pharmaceutical companies? Could it be the fact that natural substances cannot be patented and therefore not controlled?

It's clear that we need to look out for ourselves! Womens health is not that tough to achieve but getting the right information is the key. Some of the most important ingredients of a healthy diet are in short supply in foods on display and promoted in the grocery stores and you need to make the little extra effort to add them to your menu and to avoid some of the nutrient-robbing foods being pushed. Optimal womens health should be your objective and giving your body the basic ingredients it needs to be healthy naturally only makes sense.

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