Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan: A Review

Suzanne Somers is recognizable not only because of her sit-com show "Three's Company" from the 1970's, but because of her picture on the front of magazines and best-selling weight loss books over the intervening years. Somehow she has managed not to age in that time!

Somers has turned healthy living into a way of life and has proven she is definitely not the air-head that her character 'Crissy' was in the sit-com.
Hard to believe when you look at her picture that she recently celebrated her 60th birthday. The fact that she walks the talk of her Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Planis obvious and that whatever she is doing, works.

Her secret?... pretty simple, really...healthy eating and regular exercise.

"Good health has been important to me most of my adult life," Suzanne says. "I have always watched what I have eaten, and I have always exercised."

Suzanne describes her approach to eating that lets you enjoy delicious foods in abundant portions -- and still lose weight as her 'Somersizing' philosophy.

The Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan is not just a diet that you 'go on' for awhile to drop a few pounds and then go back to what you were doing before (that put the weight on in the first place). It is a healthy lifestyle approach to eating that can help you stay slim for the rest of your life. When you follow this plan, you’ll learn about the eating patterns that work best for your body, so you can combine the right foods at the right time to lose weight naturally. The real beauty of her program is that there is no deprivation or starvation... you’ll be able to eat plenty of delicious, real food.

Suzanne says "I have all these people on Somersize who love it, It’s so balanced. The weight stays off and they’re eating great foods. They can eat butter, cream, sour cream and full-fat cream cheese."

On the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss plan, you get to eat perfectly combined real foods, including proteins and fats, carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruit. Suzanne recommends eating fruits alone, on an empty stomach. For your meals, you can eat proteins and fats with veggies or carbohydrates with veggies and no fat. However, it is absolutely imperative not to skip meals. You will eat three meals a day and eat until you feel comfortably full.

"I eat a lot of food -- three meals a day plus a few snacks in between,” Suzanne says. “I eat real food. You’d be surprised how many Americans rarely eat real food.”

One of the principles of her plan is getting your sugar under control. She says this is a major factor in controlling your weight. That's why she recommends avoiding sugars, caffeine, alcohol and high-starch foods like white flour and potatoes. These foods convert to sugar when digested and cause insulin spiking which leads to retained fat.

“I don’t eat any sugar, and I don’t eat anything that my body converts to sugar,” Suzanne says.

The Suzanne Somers Weight Loss plan has two basic phases: Level One (and Almost Level One) and Maintenance. Level One is the entry level to the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan, During Level One, you will eliminate sugars and starches, separate everyday foods into the four “Somersize” food groups (protein, fats, vegetables, carbohydrates and fruit) and create meals by combining foods that aid in weight control and digestion. Even during this introductory phase of the plan, you will get to eat whenever you are hungry.

Almost Level One is those who have been following the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan for at least a month and are starting to see results. Though they still follow the rules of Level One, these members are entitled to add additional snacks to their healthy-eating plan and slightly bend the rules.

Level Two is the maintenance portion of the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan, intended for those who have reached their goal weight. Essentially, this is for the rest of your life. You continue to follow the basic rules of Somersizing, but can start to enjoy some sugars and starches in moderation (even chocolate and wine). Sticking with the plan shouldn't be difficult as it is a healthy lifestyle eating plan that doesn't deprive you of good food.

"Every time I invite people over for dinner, they always rave about my cooking," Suzanne says. "I never even tell them it is a Somersize meal."

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