Body Building Tips

Body Building Tips

I haven't written much about body building because the main focus is on general fitness and weight loss for most of my clients.

That's not to say that I don't have a few tips to pass on to those of you who would like to see yourself as the 'muscular' or 'well defined' one on the beach.

I am going to pass along a couple of secrets to body building that should help you to speed up the process.

Whether you are just beginning and haven't alot of muscle base to start with, or you are reasonabley fit and need to break through a plateau to reach the next level.
The secrets to these body building tips are really no secret at all, but rooted in the fact that many people try to overcomplicate the process.

Successful body building is simply symetrical muscle growth and overall fat-reduction to show off the muscle.

Perhaps the most important of body building tips I can give to the beginner is to avoid overtraining. I don't have to tell this to an experienced body builder because would already know that it is counter-productive to overtrain.

The beginner, though might either do too many sets, work out for too long, or train too many days per week. The result? OVERTRAINING! And with it comes little to no gains in size or strength (and in severe cases, muscle loss, illness, and/or depression).

What the beginner fails to realize is that every time she works out, she put herself in a situation where her body needs to actually "heal" before it can grow. What you are doing when exercising is causing stress to the muscles being worked. Small micro-tears in the muscle tissue are what cause the pain the day after a workout. These micro-tears need a couple of days to heal, and in healing, to build a little bit of new muscle tissue.

If your work yourself too hard in the gym, your body simple will not grow muscle. In fact, your body might reject the additional stress and start to atrophy instead. Clearly, this is the opposite of what any potential body builder wants so it would be wise to avoid such excessive training.

This is the reason many workout routines for body builders will have you work the upper part of your body on one day followed the next day with a lower body workout, followed by some cardio on day 3, then back to the upper body, or some variation of this separation of body areas.

Instead, simple consistency of attending the gym (3 or 4 times a week) and working out at a moderate to difficult pace would be enough to make further gains.

So, if there was a moral to the story it would be that there are no magic formulas and that the body does have a limit. Don't push yourself beyond the limits of good sense.

Another important body building tip is to take your body building tips from an expert such as a personal trainer and not just from your buddy who lifts weights in his basement.

Stay tuned for more body building tips.

Speaking of experts in body building tips, Will Brink, a recognized expert in the field has written a book called Body Building Revealed which contains 630 pages of information on gaining muscle and the price includes membership in the BBR member zone. This is well worth checking out if you are serious about learning everything you need to know about body building.

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