Choose the Right Weight Loss Diet for You

In spite of all the advertizing done by the big names in the weight loss diet business, there is no single diet plan that is right for everyone. There are, however, enough similarities among people that general rules can be made that apply to most people.

Sorting through all the fad diets that have come and gone and when you consider all of the research that has been done, it becomes clear that a good old-fashioned 'balanced diet' is probably the best weight loss diet that applies to the largest part of the population.

The real problem with eating plans that push protein rather than carbohydrates, or not eating protein with carbohydrates, or eating only vegetables, or eating only prepared chemically enhanced packaged foods is that these weight loss diets go well outside normal human eating patterns and cannot be sustained in the long run.

People get in such a panic to lose unwanted fat that they forget that you need the four traditional food groups, in proper balance, on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body. You need the energy to go about your daily activities, the fats and sugars to perform muscle maintenance and cellular repair and proper brain function. To get the required nutrients, you should be eating fruits, vegetables, grains, dariy and proteins and last but not least, water.

Of course, there those with special dietary needs. Some people, for example, can't process dairy products. Others are sensitive to peanuts or other things so the sources of the essential nutrients may vary somewhat.

But the four traditional food groups, in the proper proportion, remain the undisputed recommendation of every reputable nutrition scientist.

Don't let the pervasive marketing of the latest fad weight loss diet persuade you that you should stop eating a balanced diet.

Consider the following:

One essential element of a balanced diet is insoluble fiber as gained from fruit, vegetables and grains. Insoluble fiber isn't readily digested and as a result it helps digestion and in cleansing the digestive system. It is also a great help in reducing the production of bad (LDL) cholesterol. If you aren't getting enough insoluble fiber from natural sources, try taking supplement such as psyllium seed husks that can be found in most health food stores. You only need about 2 teaspoonsful, mixed with water or juice, daily to greatly assist with digestion and to naturally reduce your cholesterol count. See my page on the benefits of a high fiber weight loss diet for more information.

Vitamins D, B, E, K and minerals such as lithium, calcium and potassium are required for carrying out the thousands of biochemical reactions critical to proper health. Sodium and potassium, in moderation, are used by the heart muscle in order to keep pumping blood through the body. These essential elements are often missing in the fad weight loss diets.

The body requires proteins to convert them into essential amino acids. Those amino acids are then used to build up new proteins used for muscle and other important components. Have you ever seen a bulked up vegetarian?

The Krebs cycle, which is a fundamental process that converts sugars into useable energy, requires carbohydrate to perform. If you starve your system of carbs, it follows that you will rob yourself of energy and become less able to function normally and with vigour.

Fad weight loss diets will supply many of these essentials, but typically do so in the wrong proportion and are therefore out of balance. A fad weight loss diet quite often provides additional chemicals and components that are harmful or excessive, such as fats and complex sugars and preservatives and artificial sweeteners..

When you are considering a weight loss diet, it is a healthy idea to ensure that you are getting balanced nutrition and not just a quick fix. Remember that the quick fixes, after initial weight loss, usually result in a rebound weight gain of more than you lost in the first place.

Watch out for those fads! You want to adopt a diet you can live with, in a healthy way, for a long time.

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