A review of the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program

Nutrisystem is an online, weight loss system wherein you order pre-packaged meals from their website that are delivered to your door.

This is a company that has risen from the ashes of a failed 'Weight Loss Center" business in the 1970's to the 1990's. They have resurrected themselves on the internet and are now enjoying great success.

What NutriSystem calls its 'Nourish program' is all about convenience for the dieter. Their heat-and-eat meals are ordered from their website and shipped to your door. They have an ongoing deal that will supply one weeks free food with every 4 week order (see the Nutrisystem deal here) The total cost then is $280 for 5 weeks food.

Nutrisystem is currently running a promotion where you get 4 free weeks of food for signing up.

You must be aware that all the food is packaged (sealed) and not fresh and part of the processing involves additional sodium which may not agree with everyone.

When you consider how much you spend each week on groceries and how little most people like grocery shopping and preparing meals, it shouldn't be any surprise that Nutrisystem has become so popular.

If you choose to use autoship, your cost actually goes down each month from $280, to $270, to $260 and so on.

Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig offer pre-packaged foods with the concept of portion-controlled weight loss. The real difference is that Jenny Craig charges a membership fee (which requires signing a contract). Nutrisystem has no such contract and membership is free. Jenny Craig allows you to visit with a live counsellor, whereas Nutrisystem only offers phone counselling.

Apparently the average customer stays for nine and one half weeks. The possible reason for this is that the client loses the weight they wanted to and want to get back on fresh food again.This makes me think that the system is best for short-term corrections, but it is not a permanent eating style. The tricky part will be in the transition back to preparing your own food and keeping the portion sizes reasonable. This transition time can be a problem with any diet that is not a lifestyle change.

Everyone has differents tastes and preferences. Comments from clients vary from very favourable to not so good.

Nutrisystem is pre-packaged and it's never going to taste like fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.

The food choices are based on the glycemic index. There are options for men, women, senior men and senior women, diabetics, and vegetarians. Typical daily calorie amounts will vary from 1200 to 1500, and each days food consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks. The content ratios are approximately 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fats.

The 2 programs for women and men over 60 are different only in that there is the addition of one months supply of a multivitamin-mineral.

The company supplies various level exercise workout plans which I recommend highly for anyone wishing to lose weight.

Each of the programs offers several bonuses for the purchase of a 28 day program. One of the bonuses is a free week of food. You can see the rest here...Nutrisystem sign-up bonuses


Most people will lose weight on a diet of 1200 to 1500 calories per day and having the meals prepared in advance and delivered to you is a good way to avoid slip-ups.

It's hard to say just how long the weight loss will continue as your metabolism will slow down to compensate for the reduced fuel intake. This is why it is so important to include exercise in your weight loss program - it boosts the metabolism!

In spite of the fact that people definitely lose weight with Nutrisystem, they not surprisingly get tired of the food in a couple of months.

I also have reservations about a diet that contains nothing but processed foods, they are just not as healthy as fresh, whole foods, so I can't give this diet my full endorsement.

Nutrisystem is for those who want the convenience of pre-packaged food, aren't too worried about flavour and don't think they will be able to simply eat less on their own. Well, If you can't control your portions now, what happens when you are finished with Nutrisystem?

In my opinion, you would be better off with a system from Global Fitness or eDiets.com or from Fat Loss Revealed by Will Brink and eDiets even has a pre-packaged food delivery service too!