A Review of 'Body Building Revealed' by Will Brink

A review of 'Body Building Revealed' by Will Brink

Will Brink, a recognized expert in nutrition, has greatly expanded his popular ebook "Bodybuilding Nutrition" by adding a large amount of information beyond just nutrition and has renamed it "Body Building Revealed". As with his book "Diet Supplements Revealed" you receive more than just a book when you purchase.

What is it all about?

Will Brink's Muscle Building Nutrition Guide and Bodybuilding Supplements Review

Brink's Body Building Revealed [BBR], consists of the BBR 630 page e-book, a number of high quality bonuses and 12 months access to the private members area that accompanies the e-book.

At the heart of the BBR system is the BBR e-book. Some 630 pages of information that forms a unique and powerful bodybuilding system. The e-book is split up into 5 components which are each covered in depth and allow the user to follow a clear blue print to achieve the lean mass results they are looking for.

The 5 components of the e-book are:

* Nutrition and Muscle Building Diet
* Supplement Reviews & Advice (Over 50 reviews are included)
* Training - From beginner to Advanced.
* Cardio / HIIT
* Motivation and the Mental Edge.

You can even get a sample extract of the Body Building Revealed book by clicking here...

The Body Building Revealed Bonus Material

With the Body Building Revealed system customers receive 5 additional reports.

The 5 Reports are:

* Individualization Of Mass Gaining Principles by Charles Poliquin B.Sc M. Sc.
* DOMS : Misconceptions of Muscle Soreness by Evan Peck MD
* Periodization: Overcoming Training Plateaus by Evan Peck MD
* Weight Training Injuries : How to Avoid & Treat Them by Evan Peck MD
* Hybrid Training Solutions by Will Brink.

The Body Building Revealed Private Members Area

In addition to the quality bonus material BBR customers receive, a large part of the value a customer receives when purchasing BBR is the 12 months access to the BBR private members area.

In the Body Building Revealed members area, customers have access to a vast number of high quality tools:

Some of these tools include:

  • 1 on 1 on access to Will Brink and paid, trained coaches
  • A highly organized and moderated private forum
  • An online Diet Planner which amongst other functionality, allows users to store their diets, create recipes, view their progress, tally macro nutrients, create meals, provide a visual graph of LBM gained and fat lost, and log every single piece of food the eat with real time analysis. In general keep a tight grip on their muscle building diet
  • Exercise Videos: Customers can watch all the exercises from the training section with online videos.
  • Nutrition Database, allows customers to find out the protein, fat, carb and other values of over 20,000 foods, these can then be implemented as custom foods into the Diet Planner
  • Gallery, users can upload photos and get feedback from others
  • Pre Made Diets and Workout Charts, customers can download dozens of pre made diets in Excel/PDF format, as well as printable workout charts for all the workouts in the e-book (including charts for Charles Poliquin's section)
  • Daily motivation quotes and a weekly bodybuilding video are shown.
  • Users can chat in real time with the popular chat box
  • Resources, such as body fat % calculators, 1 rep max calculator are all included
  • Guru Articles, a section with exclusive content from authors such as Will Brink, Tom Venuto, Charles Staley, Milos, John Berardi and others.


Brinks book contains a wealth of information which covers the topic well and provides a do-able program to follow. Because the book is reasonably priced and includes membership to the site it offers perhaps the best value among all the books/programs I have reviewed...highly recommended!

You can learn more about Body Building Revealed here...

You can also have a look at Wills Book 'Fat loss Revealed' here

Will Brink's Muscle Building Nutrition Guide and Bodybuilding Supplements Review

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