A Weight Loss Tip You May Never Heard Of

Heard a good weight loss tip lately?

It's amazing the number of seemingly small things you can do to help lose unwanted fat.

You may never have heard of these tips before, and some of them may seem a little wacky, but they have all been tested and if you try a few of them you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.
weight loss tip
If the tip seems insignificant, remember that mountains are moved one scoop at a time and the healthy, fit body you desire is best achieved in baby steps.

Incorporate small changes each week in your diet and activity levels and the effect is cumulative. You can do small changes, right?

  • This weight loss tip come from Sweden. Studies there have shown that if you eat barley for breakfast, the rest of your meals for the day will be less fattening. It seems due to the high amount of soluble fiber in barley, it takes hours to digest and it cuts the blood sugar spikes that cause your body to store fat. It is stll working at lunch time (44%) and at dinner time (14%). You could try barley bread or mix the cooked grain in with oatmeal.

  • A study from Japan brings us a weight loss tip that cutting your steak into strips or chunks may help you eat less. Cutting down portion size is made a little easier if you cut up your food. It seems that slicing a portion of food makes the portion appear larger and you feel more satisfied with less. Not so hard to try out this idea.

  • Don't exercise on an empty stomach. If you work out on an empty stomach thinking that your body will use fat as fuel, you will likely have little energy for the workout. During your workout, your body needs and burns carbohydrates and creatine for energy. The fat burning happens after your workout because your metabolism has been boosted by the exercise. So this weight loss tip is to have a small meal, heavy on carbs, an hour or so before you workout and you will have more energy and better results.

  • Here's a good weight loss tip for you if you are trying to stick to a diet but are tortured by cravings for triple chocolate brownies. Give into the urge and have a small portion, and then back off. Yes, you do have to practice restraint, but studies have shown that total deprivation is sometimes too hard to live with and giving in a little occasionally actually helps you stick to your plan. The majority of people in the study who gave in occasionally and satisfied their craving in a small way were far more successfull at losing weight.

Leading weight loss authors and former 'fatties', Jon Benson and Jan Hauser have designed a diet plan using the principles that they themselves used to lose a lot of weight. They use at least one of the tips on this page in the plan. I recommend The Every Other Day Diet to you if you have had a hard time sticking with diets in the past.

Do you have an unusual weight loss tip to share? Please send it to me here, with my appreciation...Weight Loss Tip

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