Whey Protein for the Body and Mind!

Not long ago it was commonly thought that whey protein was used primarily by bodybuilders and other "health nuts" and that there was little point beyond that.

Now, all of the experts seem to agree that it is the best, most absorbable (bio-available) and healthy form of protein supplementation there is. The more it is studied, the more benefits and uses are found.

Whey protein is derived from milk and is actually a by-product of the cheese making process. There are no whole foods that contain this protein and it is available for consumption only in the form of powders, bars and drinks.

Whey consists of up to 75% protein whereas red meats, poultry and fish are only about 20% protein. Eggs come in around 6 to 8% and cheese at anywhere from 10 to 30 % protein.whey proteinWhey supplements are found in 3 main types that you will find in your supplement store… Isolate, Concentrate and Blends. The isolate powders contain the least amount of fats and have the highest concentration of protein and cost the most of the 3 types. When you choose a concentrate you are getting a lower price but more fat. Blends are popular as the price point is lower and the protein concentration is fairly high.

Whey supplements are used widely by people before and after exercise for building muscle, gaining strength and speeding up recovery time between workouts. It has been found to increase speed, strength, muscle mass and recovery time.

Not only that but it is also an antioxidant that will help boost your immune system and is easily absorbed by the body.

Studies so far have found no adverse side-effects from the consumption of this protein but if you are lactose intolerant you should stick to whey isolate, even though it is more expensive, as it is lactose free. Even then I’d advise you to consult your doctor before using.

whey protein

What To Buy

The question I had when I first went into a supplement store, is what Whey Protein should I buy? There are dozens of fancy bottles with pretty pictures on them, all with wording on them to encourage me to buy.

I learned from an expert in Nutrition House:

  • Don't buy if the cholesterol content, as shown on the label is greater than 15 mg per scoop. This would indicate that the main ingredient is a concentrate.
  • Don't buy if it is not shown on the label as a cross-flow micro-filtered isolate.
  • Don't buy anything with greater than zero fat content. Again this is an indicator that the main ingredient is a concentrate.
  • Don't buy if the price seems too cheap. Again...concentrate. There are exceptions to this such as when a store places higher quality product on sale.
  • Look for a product that lists the first ingredient on the bottles' nutrition facts list as cross-flow microfiltered (CFM). Also that fat content is zero, carbohydrates are zero and cholesterol is less than 5 mg.

whey protein

Further Benefits

Whey has been shown to increase serotonin levels by increasing the levels of the serotonin precursor tryptophan. That’s a gobbly-gook way of saying that whey supplementation will help relieve stress.

Further studies found that whey supplementation significantly improved memory in people who were prone to stress. It seems that low serotonin levels can result in poor results in memory tests.

Some interesting studies point to an increase in muscle gain for those who use these supplements (drinks) prior to working out. Muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously can be the result.

Whey has uses far beyond just supplements for body builders. It appears to be not only an anti-cancer, memory boosting, immunity improving, fat reducing, muscle building product, but it appears to improve liver function and reduce blood pressure too!

That’s good stuff!

It’s no wonder that consumption of whey protein is on the rise around the world.

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