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Every garage sale, it seems, has an old, upright exercise bike for sale. Those were the ones with the little handle to adjust the pressure of a small wheel against the big flat wheel to change the resistance. Stiff and uncomfortable, a little rusty from disuse and probably 20 years old, they can be bought for next to nothing. And that's just about what they are worth!

Inventive minds and technology have taken them a long way.

Now there is a whole range of choices and prices and most important is the choice between upright and recumbent bikes designed with quality components and ergonomic effectiveness and comfort. Of course the main purpose of an exercise bike is to get an effective aerobic workout for improved cardiovascular capacity and to work the major muscles of the lower body. To achieve the cardio benefits, you will need to be using your bike a minimum of twenty minutes each time, 2 to 3 times per week. With that kind of time in the saddle, you want to be sure your bike is comfortable, quiet and smooth running. An uncomfortable, noisy or clunky machine will practically guaranty a shortened or abandoned exercise program.

Read on for some advice on choosing a quality exercise bike.

You can get the same calorie burn from either style, so, in deciding whether you should get an upright or recumbent style bike, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself.

Do you normally enjoy bicycle riding? Ten-speed, mountain bike, comfort bike, trick-bike, doesn't matter, if you are normally comfortable in an upright position and are used to it, then an upright bike is probably right for you and will be the most familiar.

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If bike riding causes you pain in your back, or if you suffer from recurring back pain from any source, the back support of a recumbent bike can give you the workout you want without the pain.

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Unlike the junky bikes found in the garage sales, modern bikes can come with some really cool features and accessories. Some come with sweet innovations like the following:

Dual-Action: These are Upright models with movable bars or arm handles. By utilizing both arms and legs the overall aerobic intensity is increased. Upper body toning is enhanced.

Self-Generating Electronics: The energy that you expend during your workout actually powers the electronics of your machine. No need for outlets, cords,or batteries.

Dual-Position Handlebars: Two sets of padded handlebars allow you to ride with your hands by your sides or in front

Fully Adjustable Seat: Everyone is a different size and the bike must be adjustable.

Workout Fan: Some consoles feature a workout fan that keeps you cool while you workout.

Pre-progammed Workouts: The preprogrammed workouts are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and provide variety by alternating high-intensity periods with cooling down periods.

Console with Multi Category Feedback: You can easily control workout intensity, check your pulse rate and track the digital feedback of your workout including speed, time, distance, pulse, calories and resistance through either a hand-grip sensor or remote heart rate monitor.

While the above features are certainly cool, they don't necessarily define a good bike. You must remember that it is You who must burn the calories and expend the energy and these accessories won't do that for you.

However, in considering an exercise bike, you must consider the following:

Comfort: Nothing will stop an exercise program in its tracks as fast as an uncomfortable seat or saddle so be sure it suits your butt. If the upright style saddle of a standard bicycle hurts, go for a recumbent bike.

Quiet, Smooth Operation: As with the comfort of your butt and back, the annoyance of a noisy or jerky bike can make using it less than fun. You want a bike that is enjoyable to use.

Adjustable Resistance: Every bike will allow for resistance adjustment, the difference is in the quality. Look for magnetic resistance with push-button ease of use rather than the hand-crank style belt-tension adjustment.

Warranty: Warranties can vary from 90 days to 5 years, depending on the quality of exercise bike you buy. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of the bike, the shorter the warranty period. If you think you will be an avid user, spend a little more and get a better exercise bike with a longer warranty. Check also to see how and where servicing is done. In-home servicing, if you can find it, is a great convenience because of the size and weight of the bike, but generally, you will have to take your bike to a service facility for work if necessary. Just make sure there is one not too far away.

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