Upright Exercise Bikes: A Fitness Trainers' Review

Welcome to Cindy's review of upright exercise bikes. An ISSA certified fitness trainer gives her opinions on quality, comfort, reliability and features of todays bikes.

The main difference between upright exercise bikes and recumbent bikes is of course the posture of the rider. An upright bike more closely simulates a road bike and for some this important. The saddle is similar to a road bike and many manufacturers offer features that try to imitate the actual feel of riding a road bike and offer not just a way of working out to burn calories and tone muscles but a way of training for the real thing.

The choice between an upright exercise bike and a recumbent model is simply a matter of comfort and familiarity of the rider as there is little difference between them in the quality of the workout (calories burned). Both types offer the potential of a good lower body and cardiovascular workout. To learn more about recumbent bikes see Cindys'

Recumbent Exercise Bike Review Most bikes provide information on speed, distance traveled, and time of the workout. The more advanced bikes today can include any or all of the following readouts:
  • Speed, Time and Distance
  • Total Calories and Fat Burned
  • Program Mode and Resistance Level
  • Pulse, Heart Rate, and Work Level
  • RPM, Watts, METS, Minutes Per Mile, MPH/KPH
More sophisticated models also offer pre-programmed workouts and information storage.

There are different methods of creating resistance.

  • Direct Tension - offers manual adjustment of resistance
  • Fly wheels - similar to a regular bicycle peddling motion
  • Air - resistance is achieved by peddling against the flow of air from a fan blade
  • Magnetic Frictionless Resistance - the most sophisticated type of resistance, allows for more variation in level of workout.

In the final analysis, the features and style you choose will come down to budget. We have tried to examine a selection of upright exercise bikes in a broad range to find quality recommendations for various budgets.

This upright exercise bike review examines not only the best of the standard type upright bikes but also a couple of very unique offerings for serious riders.

There are many lower priced bikes out there but if you are serious about getting a quality exercise bike consider...

the Star Trac Johnny G Spinner® Pro Bike (Used)Star Trac Johnny G Spinner® Pro Bike (This particular bike is Used)Star Trac's® Johnny G Spinner® Pro exercise bike has a re-engineered resistance assembly with a simplified design and components. The single brake pad system utilizes new pad material that eliminates the need for frequent lubrication and replacement. The Pro is a serious, durable and easy-to-maintain bike designed with all of the ergonomic features and capabilities of a real road bike for optimum performance.

Features: Resistance Type: Flywheel Design simulates the movements and feel of real cycling and minimizes the stress on your knees. Seat: Adjustable, ergonomic saddle, Dimensions: 39.5"L x 20"W x 54.5"H, Weight: 115 lbs. Bearings: Sealed Bearings, Frame Material: Steel. Comes with Toe Straps and Bottle Holder.

This is a top notch upright bike - highly recommended.

If you have lower back pain or are not comfortable on an upright bike, perhaps you should see our reviews on Recumbent Exercise Bikes...

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