Joovy Jogging Stroller Review

Each model of the Joovy Jogging Stroller and Joovy Stroller has different features that make it suitable for the type of travel you might take your child on.

I will deal here predominantly with the joggers as this is a fitness site and my readers are generally looking for fitness advice and equipment reviews. While a jogging stroller isn't actually fitness equipment, it can help mom's and dad's to get and stay fit even with little ones to look after.

Joovy jogging strollers are middle of the road, price-wise, but have some of the features of higher end (higher priced) joggers. From my review of their line of products, I am impressed with not only the quality, but the comments of many buyers.

It is even more impressive that buyers have positive comments about the customer service. Even high end products can have problems sometimes and when it happens, it's good to know that the company will look after you.

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

This Joovy jogging stroller features a quick fold design and a swivel front wheel that locks straight. The swivelling wheel is better for maneuvering around stores or pedestrians when walking and the fixed front wheel is generally preferred by runners who need to control the direction of the stroller at higher speed without wandering. I comes with an aluminum frame with shock absorbing suspension and has a wide reclining seat and oversized sun canopy. It has a one step link parking brake system, a hand brake for the front wheel and large storage basket for sundry items. It also includes a parent organizer, running leash, tire pump for the 16 inch pneumatic tires and rain cover.


At from $249 to $349 (depending on where you shop)it is a middle of the road jogging stroller price. Often better prices can be found at for the Joovy Jogging Stroller

What buyers have to say:

"I really love this jogging stroller. The canopy is huge, the wheels are large and smooth enough that you really can run with it. Steering is smooth and easy"

"I had a little trouble adjusting the alignment so I called customer service who quickly told me how to do it. I found that I had damaged the spring on the front wheel when I took it off and Joovy sent me a new, free one right away, even though it was my fault"

"This stroller has been great for taking my 3 year old for a run. It steers amazingly well."

The only negative comment I could find about this Joovy jogging stroller is that it isn't for taller children. One buyer had to return it as her (tall) childs head was up against the top cover.

Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom ATS jogger features 16" aluminum wheels with air-flled tires, and oversized sun canopy and a deluxe parent organizer. It has shock absorbers in the rear and has an eay folding aluminum frame. Fixed wheel joggers are more for dedicated runners as they hold a stable track and are a little harder to maneuver in heavy pedestrian traffic.

It includes deep cup holders and a zip close storage pouch that are not found on most common jogging strollers.


This Joovy jogging stroller has a suggested list price of $350, however, you can often pay much less at

What buyers have to say:

As with the Zoom 360 above, comments on this Joovy jogging stroller are mostly positive. One buyer had trouble with keeping tires inflated, but every other review I found rated the jogger as an excellent buy with good quality parts and above average customer service.

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