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Welcome to Cindys' elliptical trainer review. Let a personal trainer help in your search for the right exercise equipment.

Yes, there is an alternative to the treadmill.

An elliptical machine or trainer is an excellent choice for a great, low-impact, cardio-workout with the added benefit (if you take the option) of an upper body workout.

Elliptical trainers have only been on the scene for a few years, but are definitely a serious piece of workout equipment and not a fad product that will fade from popularity.

Perhaps the greatest attraction is that it offers the same aerobic, weight-bearing, calorie-burn as a treadmill for time spent but the low impact approach can be much easier on the joints than a treadmill. In this regard it is perhaps the most efficient way of raising your heartrate to the optimum level without tiring the muscles first as tends to happen with an exercise bike.

Elliptical trainers use a fly-wheel and have a roughly circular motion (ellipse) that takes a little getting used to. Some models offer reverse motion as well as forward. The better machines have a fluid, natural motion.

Look for the following

  • Adjustable incline or variable resistance is important to add variety to your workout and allow for maximum benefit.

  • Forward and reverse smooth motion. The lower quality machines will feel noticibly jerky. This is usually due to inferior methods of applying resistance. The better machines will use magnetic or electonic resistance.

  • Low noise is essential if you want to keep your sanity and be able to watch the tube or listen to music as you work out.

  • Upper body motion using hand grips and bars for dual function is an great option that will increase the calorie burn. This feature is highly recommended.

  • As with treadmills, elliptical trainers are in the computer age and many come with preset and customizable programs to keep your routine from becoming, well...routine.

  • Heart rate monitors are a good choice that can link to your computer program to keep you in the optimum zone.

  • Adjustable incline ramps and adjustable peddles are featured on better models to vary the muscles used and intensity of the workout.

  • Warranty and servicing. As with treadmills or any piece of equipment, that you get what you pay for is a truism...but high priced or not, check the warranty. A quality brand-name will have a standard1 year warranty. Buying privately without a written warranty is like buying a used car - be careful.

    Service guarantees are equally important. When you purchase an elliptical trainer, they can weigh up to several hundred pounds. You'll want to make sure that you purchase the equipment from a company that provides in-home repairs. Ensure that the manufacturer you choose has service reps in your state.

    BodyCraft 2500 Elliptical Crosstrainer Elliptical - BodyCraft 2500 Elliptical CrosstrainerFeatures: Very sturdy construction and up to 400 Watts resistance – the highest in its class. 350 pound user capacity. Eddy current electromagnetic resistance control for smooth action. Stride length is adjustable from 14" to 16".

    Hand grip pulse and Chest Strap are included.Sports drink holder. Specially raised ribs on pedal for comfort and reduced fatigue. Adjustable level end caps to ensure level placement on the floor. Front end caps have wheels for portability. Adjustable pedal placement. LED Dot Matrix Display: Scrolling instructions :Pre-set programs :Heart rate controlled programs :6 Windows provide all pertinent information. Dimensions: 25" Wide x 48 " Long x 62" High Required Space: 25" wide x 57" Long In-Home Warranty: Frame and welds are warranted for as long as the original owner has the machine. All parts warranted for 3 years. 1 Year Labor. SHIPPING INCLUDED

    Top Pick.Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer The Smooth CE gives you a total body workout, exercising both the upper and lower body. Cross training is a highly effective form of exercise for the entire body as it makes use of all the main groups of muscles and stimulates the metabolism. Through the innovative elliptical movement of the footplates, the Smooth CE elliptical trainer gives a unique and enjoyable feeling of weightlessness during your workout. The evenly balanced movement strengthens the legs, seat and hips without putting unnecessary strain on the joints. The movement of the upper torso is linked to that of the legs and strengthens arms, shoulders, chest and back. An accurately coordinated Magnetic Brake System with continuous adjustment of load resistance, ensures an almost complete absence of noise and allows training sessions to be monitored accurately. It comes with wireless heart rate control to optimize your workout. It has a space saving footprint (57"x22"). Maximum performance, minimum space. It is equipped with a large 48 lbs. flywheel. Warranty includes lifetime frame, 3 years parts including electronics, 1 year service.

    For an information packed site on elliptical trainers, benefits, comparisons, reviews of different brands and advice, visit Kurt M. Ontiveros' site at www.ellipticalmachines.net. You will learn how this heart attack victim is reversing the damage done with the use of an elliptical trainer.

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