Review Of The Weight Loss Plan
What's Your Diet Personality?

A review of the Weight Loss Plan

  • Company Quote: is dedicated to helping people lose weight through lifestyle changes and community support. Based on Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet,'s weight loss plan addresses 21 personality patterns that are key to lasting weight loss. customizes the diet plan to match an individual's unique characteristics so they can change their lifestyle naturally, gradually, and without struggle.

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  • Latest News:'s Personality Type weight loss plan is an online program based on the work of best-selling author Dr. Robert F. Kushner, the medical director of the Wellness Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Kushner believes that a dieters personality has a great deal to do with the success of any plan and a diet won't work without coinciding the weight loss plan with the individuals personality.

    Dr. Kushner's system takes a unique approach to weight loss by evaluating a clients' past and helping you examine the patterns and behaviours that have lead to weight gain and weight loss over the past several years. Based on your responses to a 70 question survey, your diet personality type is determined and weight loss plan is devised for you. I have never seen this approach in another diet and it makes sense to me.'s diet plan begins with a questionnaire that identifies your habits relative to eating, exercise and daily decision making patterns.

    Based on your answers,'s diet plan then categorizes your personality into one of 8 different types. Are you a meal skipper, a convenient diner, a steady snacker, or an emotional eater? The site then offers eating and exercising strategies based on your own habits to make program as easy as possible to follow. In other words the diet plan gears itself to working with your unique tendencies rather than you having to make whole-sale changes in your habits.

    The program features a large selection of these helpful hints and strategies. Also part of the diet plan are meal plans for your eating personality, exercise choices for your exercise personality, chat rooms, recipe and friendship boards, and support from nutritionists and doctors.

    Both free and paid members of are able to sign up for a program called the Weight Loss Challenge.

    All weight loss challenge participants are able to use the following tools:

    • Exclusive online support group for the Challenge participants;
    • Blogs to share your progress and comments during the Challenge;
    • Online community support boards for peer accountability;
    • Weekly motivational prizes;
    • Weekly newsletters, tips, and meal ideas;
    • Daily expert blog, practical tips;
    • Over 1,000 delicious and easy diet recipes;
    • Daily fat and calorie counter, exercise and mood trackers; and
    • Healthy diet news and expert opinion to keep you on track

    Paid members who enter the weight loss challenge are eligible for premium prizes.

    You can find out more information on the Weight Loss Challenge Here.

  • Membership:
    You can register for free and receive a certain amount of information and advice, but membership, which includes all of the above features, costs $39.90/month, $64.80/3 months, $85.65/6 months and $139.35/year.

    As you can see, the monthly cost drops dramatically if you subscribe for a longer period. A 12 month membership costs less than $12 per month.

    This price puts it in line with the other major online weight loss programs. Ediets, for example costs $9.97 per week (unless they are advertising sale prices).'s longer memberships can save you significantly, but I would try it out for a month first to make sure it is for you and then buy a one year membership. Membership can be cancelled at anytime.

  • Comments:'s diet plan makes alot of sense to me in it's approach to the individuals personality type. A healthy eating plan and individualized exercised plan with a focus on the individuals personality traits that will make the program easier to assimilate is a very sensible approach. has over 1,000,000 members and the vast majority of reviews and testimonials I have read are very positive.

    Another independent review of the weight loss plan by reads as follows:

    ..."The Personality Type Diet is excellent and highly recommended. It is free of any faddish ideas, and makes a serious attempt to assist you in gaining complete control over your weight. We all know we have to eat right and exercise, so why can't we just do it? Increasing research supports the premise that diets alone do not work. Factors like self-esteem, self-acceptance, and behavior change bring about permanent results."

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