Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

It seems alot of 'experts' are posting reviews on Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst's ebook 'Top Secret Fat Loss Secret'

I recently saw and clicked on a banner on someones site and was taken to the sales page for this program. When I saw the copy and listened to Dr. Suzanne speaking on the sales page I was both compelled to learn more and skeptical of her claims.

My Observations:

The “facts” you will learn from her site are that overeating and lack of exercising are not the cause of our obesity but that disgusting parasites and gross intestinal plaque are responsible for making us sick and fat. Dr Gudakunst goes on to explain that the powers-that-be are not only profiting from this situation, but are deliberately adding parasites to our food to make us worse!

The good doctor also describes herself as being your friend and one of the only ones looking out for your health and bringing you the truth. She promises not to lie to us.

She proceeds to tell us how being fat isn't our fault, that food companies are making people overweight as part of a conspiracy. She goes on to say that "diets, diet foods, organic foods, healthy foods and medicines” not only don’t work, but they were “deliberately" designed not to. Doctors, diet experts and fitness promoters are either liars or fools who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Her Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, of course, is the truth.

You may by now be realizing that this is not a 'positive' review. I couldn't, in all good conscience, promote the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret without pointing out the obvious discrepancies between the opinions given by the Doctor and the truth. Don't trust any review site that only gives glowing reports about everything they review. They are simply looking to sell something or make a commission and are not being objective.

What burns me the most about the 'Top Secret Fat Loss Secret' is that Dr. Gudakunst is promoting a sort of "magic pill" solution to fat loss.

Why work out and change your eating habits if you don't have to? It's not your fault you're fat! Just pay her fee and be cured painlessly!

The arguments she makes in her Top Secret Fat Loss Secret sales letter may convince anyone who has had trouble losing weight that there is an easy - no work solution to the problem. Not only that, but who wouldn't want to get rid of those icky, gross things inside their guts?

Well, hello! Reality time.

As part of her pitch, Dr. Suzanne states that, as proof that our meat is no good, you only have to look at Japan, which refuses to import any US, meat or dairy products.

Must be something wrong with it I guess?

The truth is that Japan was and still is one of the key markets for US. dairy products and that Japan is in fact the largest foreign market for US beef.

The only time this wasn't true was a 2 year period during the "mad cow" disease scare, when many countries refused to accept US beef. Further, Japanese demand for US beef is now exceeding supply. Reference: Japanese demand now exceeding supply

It seems that Dr. Suzanne isn't getting her 'facts' from reliable government sources and isn't too concerned about updating the information on her sales page.

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is essentially a diet program designed to rid your digestive system (colon) of parasites and plaque.

You would think then, that the doctor would get her information right concerning the life cycle of one of the parasites that might be causing you problems.


Have a look at the illustration about half way down the page of the life cycle of the Paragonimus westermani. It looks very scientific and most people wouldn't think to question it. Truth is though, that the Paragonimus westermani is commonly called a 'lung fluke' which occurs in the lungs, not the colon. The caption beneath the illustration describes the life cycle of Diphyllobothrium latum – commonly called the fish tapeworm.

The picture and the caption and the title do not belong together.

Further, she shows a photo of a bladder infected with Schistosoma haematobium. While this parasite can infect the bladder, it is not found in Canada or the USA!

The last of my concerns is that Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst does not seem to be registered with the American Medical Association. She never actually says she is an M.D. but if she is a medical doctor in the States, she should be registered.

Makes you wonder just what type of a doctor she is. Where did she go to school? What is her specialty?

Lastly, I can't say I've ever heard of a parasitic infection making someone fat. I have heard that an extreme infestation can cause weight loss, not the other way around.

Rating: 1/5 ( She gets the one point for gall!)

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