Fast Track To Fat Loss Program Review

To gain an understanding of the Fast Track To Fat Loss program, I signed up for the silver membership and interviewed Chad Tackett and Kim Lyons.

For anyone who doesn't know, Kim Lyons (former trainer from The Biggest Loser and best-selling author) has teamed up with Chad Tackett (very first "online personal trainer" - founded Global Health and Fitness in 1996) to create the Fast Track To Fat Loss Program - that they describe as "the most personal, effective, and affordable fat loss program on the planet."


  • Community

    The first thing I noticed when I signed up for the free membership is that right away I was exposed to the 'community' aspect. I received welcome messages from Chad and Kim as well as from my trainer, inviting me to email them whenever I had a question. Then I got several emails from other members inviting me to correspond with them, as in facebook, sharing progress reports, history, problems, successes, etc. Social networking seems to be a big part of the mix and adds to the motivation to continue and improve.

  • Points

    Fast Track has implemented a point system designed to promote involvement in the site and with other members as well as to motivate members to achieve their goals. For example, you get points for completing your personal profile, more points for uploading your photo, points for completing workouts for the week, etc. These points can be used to purchase fitness stuff from the site store.

  • Nutrition Guidance

    The cornerstone of the nutrition program is the '5 Simple Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss' DVD, which you get for free even as a non-paying silver member. The keys, which are fully explained in the DVD, deal with calorie counting (you don't have to), carb choices, protein choices, water intake, and meal planning.

    Choosing the right food types in the right amounts at right time of day is stressed and is broken down into a simple system using a chart. Gold members apparently get a nutrition planner that further simplifies the process.

  • Exercise and Your Own Personal Trainer

    Silver membership gives you access to the exercise videos and nutrition center recipes, community, and blog only.

    Everyone who becomes a gold member gets to pick their own certified fitness trainer, for the duration of your membership. If you aren't happy with your trainer you can switch, but the site provides plenty of information and videos from each one so you can get to know them before you choose.

    Your trainer then sets up a workout plan for you based on your profile and goals. Accountability is a big thing with the Fast Track To Fat Loss program and you will be contacted daily to ensure things are going smoothly. You have access to your workout calendar and encouraged to update your profile with workouts completed and nutrition information to keep your trainer apprised of your progress.


    Every month Fast Track holds another 30 day video contest where entrants set themselves a goal (to be reached in the next 30 days) in a before video and then do another video at the end of the month that demonstrates their achievements. The winner of the next 30 day video contest will get top-end eliptical machine.

    The big contest though is the 12 week fat loss challenge. The prize is an all-expenses paid vacation to Loreto, Mexico and a stay in the new waterfront Fast Track to Fat Loss vacation home. Winners are selected based on votes, Chad and Kim's decision and points. The last challenge saw 6 people win the trip.


    Much of the emphasis in the silver (free) membership is on encouraging you to join as a gold (paid) member. While you get access to certain features and many of the informative articles and information, you won't really have a plan in place for using it all or your own trainer until you become gold.

    For a limited time, they're giving away their DVD, "The 5 Simple Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss" and "Silver" level membership to their fat loss program - free.

    If you want more personal attention, upgrade to Gold membership. Fast Track Gold membership gets you your own personal trainer to make it all simple, effective and tailored to you ... plus you have your own accountability coach to check in with you each morning to make sure you get all the help, support, and accountability you need.

    This isn't just a book or a video, or some generic automated computer program that gives you the info and sets you free to figure it out on your own and try to stay motivated. They seem to genuinely care about you and your success and will do whatever it takes to make sure you're successful.

    They have a very supportive community that offers tips, and encouragement to every post you make on the site. In fact, members are rewarded for offering this kind of support by receiving motivational points that can be redeemed for free products and services, such as fitness equipment, books and videos, and much more. With every action you take and all the progress you make, you are rewarded with Fast Track points.

    Given the credentials of the founders and what I have seen and participated in, I highly recommend The Fast Track To Fat Loss Program

    for anyone who might benefit from their emphasis on accountablility, motivation and community (friendship). Membership can be cancelled at any time if you aren't satisfied. Return to Complete Listing of Weight Loss Programs