A Commonly Used Dumbell Exercise Workout

A dumbell exercise workout, in comparison to other methods of resistance training, is the ultimate form of weight training.

The main advantage is that dumbells allow for synergistic and stabilizer muscles to come into play far more than any machine is capable of doing, and more even than barbells.

Because you are constanly forced to adjust and readjust the position of the dumbells during a dumbell exercise workout, overall strength is improved.

Dumbells are more versatile than barbells and machines in that you can move in virtually any direction and are not restricted in their movement.

Dumbells are less expensive and take up less space than other home gym machines.

Dumbell Exercise Workout

Monday...Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back

Dumbell Bench Presses (Chest)
Lateral Dumbell Raises (Middle Delts)
One arm Dumbell Rows (Posterior Delts, Lats)
Dumbell Shrugs (Traps)

Tuesday...Legs, Arms, Midsection

Front Lunge with dumbells (Quads, Glutes)
Deadlifts with dumbells (Hamstrings)
Dumbell toe raises (Calves)
Dumbell Curls (Biceps)
French Press with Dumbells (Triceps)
Forward and Reverse Wrist Cirls (Forearms)
Dumbell Side Bends left and right (Internal and External Obliques)
Crunches (Abdominals)

Wednesday...Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back

Dumbell Flyes (Chest)
Front Dumbell Raises (Anterior Delts)
Inverted Dumbell Flyes (Rhomboids)
Platform Squats (Quads, Glutes)
Stiff legged Deadlifts (Hamstrings, Spinal Erectors)
Toe Raises (Calves)
Dumbell Hammer Curls (Biceps, Brachialis)
Dumbell Dips (Triceps)
Forward and reverse Wrist Curls (Forearms)
Crunches (Abdominals)

Thursday...Legs, Arms, Midsection

Platform Squats with Dumbells (Quads, Glutes)
Dumbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts (Hamstrings, Spinal Erectors)
Dumbell Toe Raises (Calves)
Dumbell Hammer Curls (Biceps, Brachilais)
Dumbell Dips (Triceps)
Forward and Reverse Wrist Curls (Forearms)
Crunches (Abdominals)

Friday...Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back

Bench Presses (Chest)
Lateral Dumbell Raises (Middle Delts)
One Arm Dumbell Rows (Posterior Delt, Lats)
Dumbell Shrugs (Traps)

Saturday...Legs, Arms, Midsection

Front Lunges with dumbells (Quads, Glutes)
Deadlifts (Hamstrings)
Toe Raises (Calves)
French Presses (Triceps)
Forward and Reverse Wrist Curls (Forearms)
Dumbell Sidebends Left and Right (Internal and External Obliques)
Crunches (Abdominals)

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