BistroMD - Diet Meals Delivered - A Review

BistroMD is different from some other 'diet meals delivered' companies in that they actually pride themselves on the quality and taste of their offerings.

This is quite different from a company like Medifast which provides powdered meals that must be reconstituted with water before eating/drinking.

If enjoying your food is important to you, as it is to me, I can’t imagine living on powdered meal replacements for long, or learning anything about proper portion sizes or balanced nutrition.

Convenience and portion control are the secrets to their program. BistroMD will ship you frozen, prepared meals that you heat yourself, including snacks, that amount to approximately 1200 calories per day. The calorie count will vary somewhat from day to day as the theory is that if your body becomes accustomed to an exact calorie intake, losing weight will become more difficult. Calorie confusion (variation) keeps your metabolism guessing and weight loss is easier.

Another aspect of this diet program that seems to be unique is that the meals are balanced nutritionally. That is, the proportion of protein, carbohydrate and fat in each meal is calculated to be optimal for health. Unlike some diets and diet meals delivered that cut out carbs or fats or, load up on protein for extended periods, BistroMD reasons that approach to be unnatural and unhealthy, so they gear their program for healthy nutrition and tasty food.

Makes sense to me. The more I learn about BistroMD, the more I like it.

The whole idea of ordering in all of your meals appeals to people who are very busy and who don’t have the inclination or time to plan, shop for and prepare good meals, let alone figure out calorie counts and control portion sizes.

The costs for BistroMD are much lower than you would pay for good restaurant food and you get the bonus of balanced, portion controlled nutrition. Yes, you would probably be able to spend less if you shopped for and prepared your own meals, but be honest, how has that worked for you so far in the weight control area? Are you now prepared to count out the calories and stick to your own menu planning?

According to the company, BistroMD meal plans are approved by a real weight loss doctor, Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist M.D. who is a bariatric physician and weight loss management expert. The meals are actually prepared to order by a real chef, frozen and then delivered to you.

While you can't plan out your entire menu, you can specify foods that you don't like and any allergies you may have so that your plan can be customized to you.

The fact that the food actually tastes good (I’ve yet to find a review that says they didn’t enjoy the flavours and variety…and I’ve read a lot of reviews) seems to be the convincing factor.

Though it almost seems like the old fashioned TV dinner concept, if you’ve ever had one you will immediately know the difference is in the taste. That and the track record of successful weight loss makes BistroMD the winner (in my view) in the weight loss meal delivery category.

BistroMD has been reviewed and featured on programs such as The Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil and The Doctors

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