Everest College for a Fitness Trainer Education and Certification

Each of the four Everest College campuses in Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver and Seattle, offer the personal fitness trainer program.

Classes are designed to help you understand vital concepts quickly and easily.

No Entry Exams

You don’t have to write an essay, submit letters of recommendation, or take tough exams. There are no deadlines. Just fill out an

Everest College information request

to get things going.

Hands-on Learning

Many people learn better by hands-on learning, rather than just sitting in a lecture room and learning theory. The classes here incorporate hands-on, practical learning in an effort to get students involved. In the field of health sciences and especially fitness training, demonstration of the ability to perform the exercises etc., is important to functioning effectively in the job.

Dedicated Instructors with Real-World Experience

It follows that the instructors must also have real-life experience in your field of study or you won't get the instruction you need. Everest teachers are professionals in their field, and will give you practical advice in each subject area--based on their real-world experience. They’ll make these subjects come alive through inspirational class discussions, innovative classroom projects, and as they share their experiences from their professional life.

Small Work Teams

Classes are structured into small work teams which encourages group discussion. When classes are divided into small work teams it allows instructors to give more specialized attention to each group. This teaching method allows instructors to move throughout the room and talk with groups and students one-on-one.

Career Placement Services

Another important aspect of a good College is effective assistance with career placement. Everest College has a team in place dedicated to helping you prepare for your new career upon graduation. They have a strong network of employers who know the value of our graduates. We’ll connect you with job listings, and help fine-tune your resume and interviewing techniques.

Student Financing

Student financing options are available, and financial aid is available for those who qualify. Staff will help you complete this process, and you'll know your student financing status shortly after all of the information has been received and reviewed by the Student Finance Planner.

To request more information directly from any of the College campuses, just fill in the Everest College information request form

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