New Review - BistroMD Diet Meals Delivered

I just added a review to our site about a diet meal delivery company that seems to have it figured out. You will find it here… BistroMD review

Having all your meals prepared by someone else, frozen, then delivered in boxes to your door isn't the first thing people think about when they are considering a diet to lose some weight.

Most people realize, deep down, that losing weight is not really that complicated…you simply need to consume fewer calories than you are burning during the day. Your body will then burn up the fat that you have been storing.

Sure, you know you should just cut back on the amount you eat, or eat different, better foods with less sugar or fat or carbs or something, maybe even add exercise to your day. The sensible thing (and you all know it) is to eat controlled amounts of the right foods at the right times of the day.

Well, it may be sensible and you may know it, but that doesn't mean it is easy to do.

You are not alone, not many busy people are inclined to count calories, keep records, figure out how to balance your meals for the proper amounts of protein, carbs and fats and do the shopping and preparation of the meals.

You may start out with a burst of enthusiasm and motivation to do those things initially, but life gets in the way and you find yourself short of time or having to eat on the go, in restaurants or a quick sandwich place and all the careful planning goes out the window.

Or you're just tired and don't want to do it.

There have long been diet delivery companies who will provide ready-made meals to people wanting to lose weight. Some of the better known ones will even ship you powdered foods that you add water before consuming.

Yuk! I can't imagine eating that way, and I certainly wouldn't be learning anything about what to do at the end of the diet (because a powdered-food diet certainly won't last long).

However, now there is an alternative that impresses me with their business philosophy.

BistroMD was conceived by bariatric physician Dr. Cederquist, a weight loss expert who realized that there might be a market for dietician approved, nutritionally balanced, portion controlled, chef prepared, delicious, home delivered meals that are proven effective at weight loss.

Oh yes, snacks are included.

How much does this cost?

About $23 a day gets you the following…

  • 3 meals each day
  • Weekly newsletters and support materials
  • Free access to their team of expert dietitians
  • Great tasting food that is nutritionally balanced and portioned to help you lose weight
  • Peace of mind without worrying about planning, shopping, preparation time, cooking, and cleaning
  • Weekly delivery right to your front door

What does it cost per day to eat what you are eating now?

The real beauty of this program is that you can stay on it as long as you like with no nutritional down-side, because it is healthy and not one of those high protein, low carb fad diets that seem to be the rage.

If you want to learn more about BistroMD go to… ... BistroMD