The Yo-Yo effect

by Fat Loss Reality

fat loss revealed

fat loss revealed

What it is and how to avoid it

There are two parts which result in this so called effect. There is a psychological part and a physical part. The psychological part is obvious whereas the physical one is less known. Understanding these concepts will prevent you from experiencing this feared result.


This is a fairly simple result. Most people going on a strict hypocaloric diets end up frustrated after some time and when they decide to take a break, they will probably eat much more than what they should eat and thus gain all of their weight back on. A caloric deficit is essential in order to burn fat BUT it should not be extreme.


On the physical level it is essential to know that losing weight is not fair. Some people lose it much faster than others BUT you have to remember that losing extreme amounts of weight very fast is NOT losing fat. Indeed it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose 1kg of fat per day or even in two days like a lot of crazy diets make you believe. Nevertheless if you stop eating or have a very restricted diet, you might lose 10kg easily but the problem is that it will not be fat in majority, it will be water, muscles, skin collagen that is to say, lean mass. Your body needs this, so as soon as you eat "normally" you will gain all of this back. Again losing weight too fast is the certain road to failure.

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