Sense of achievement and keeping an inspirational body you know in mind.

by Holly

I try and exercise everyday and sometimes it is so hard to find the motivation to go to the right now, hence looking up motivational tips on the net.

I dont know why I have these problems because once I have finished my workout I feel such relief that I have burned calories, raised my metabolism and am maintaining fitness.

I find reading magazines where amazingly built celebrities detail their rigorous exercise regimes really helps as motivation- I think to myself surely I can achieve the same or more than them, especially due to the fact they eat like birds on their no carb high veg diets!

I have been exercising daily for a year now and it became a habit after about 3 months. For those dieters out there I must warn you- don't go too overboard.

Last year I noticed I was gaining a few extra pounds and decided to change my habits, so I began religiously exercising and eating extrememly well- no junk food and very clean eating.

This continued for about 5 months and it was terrible- I lost 9 kilos and was getting very lean but I began to withdraw myself socially because I didnt have time for friends with the gym and all and I was scared of eating junk food.

At easter I gave in and ate so much for 4 days that I gained 3 kilos. Since then I am having terrible problems with binge eating. I mainly binge on fruit and consume about 12 bananas a day- i have gained weight and am still exercising everyday but I am back to the weight I was before the whole thing began so now I regret going overboard and would like to share this so that you do not make the same mistakes!

I would love to be able to go back to how I was... exercising a few times a week and eating whatever I wanted in moderation- all subconciously and no having to stress about food and exercise all the time!! so basically get moving and stop being lazy!!!!

At least go for a walk-- once you've started your endorphin levels will rise and you may even feel the urge to run...even if it is to the next telegraph pole!

I started walking 7 on the treadmill and now I run 13 for an hour and try to do at least one long (16-20km) run per week- would never had thought this possible last year.

Don't deprive yourself of the food you love--- you only live once! I also read this quote that I thought to be true and motivational to stay away from loads of junk: 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!' Good luck all!

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