Not Eating Enough!

by Graham Haynes
(Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada)

When most guys/girls begin to work out, whether they want to get the six pack, sex appeal or that ripped look, they also think they should hold back on food as a diet/excercise plan..


The average male will need to increase his current calorie and protein intake noticably simply to put 1-2 pounds of muscle on every week. So indulge in that steak, yah you can finish the ham, sure, more lasagna! Although you still need to be active and working out, the more calories and protein the better! Just stay away from empty calories with no nutrients like ice cream, chips, pop etc.

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Nov 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

What do you think about this one?
It should help!

Aug 28, 2010
True True.
by: Josh Howard

Yah i guess hes right, whenever i start a "diet" ill start the excercise and try to bulk up but i often cut back on food and thus protein and carbs too. Good topic, dude :)

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