Managing Stress for Clients and Fitness Professionals

by Susan E. Harmon
(Jacksonville FL)

Susan E. Harmon Healthy Lifestyle Coach and AFAA Personal Trainer/ Stress Management

Susan E. Harmon Healthy Lifestyle Coach and AFAA Personal Trainer/ Stress Management

By Susan E. Harmon NETA Healthy Lifestyle Management/ AFAA Personal Trainer and Stress Management

We all know that stress is not something we want in our lives, but lets face it the only way to conquer it is to deal with it head on. There are some key ways to overcome unhealthy stressors and learn how to stick up for yourself and take the correct path to health and wellness. Fitness professionals especially need to know these key’s to unlock their clients full potential and teach them to understand their stressors and make the changes to see better health and results!

Take a Mini Vacation

According to 2013 AFAA (Stress get’s Personal) there are specific types of visualization tools you can use to escape the type of stress you feel. Felling tired, picture yourself skiing down a mountain. Feeing insecure or scared, imagine yourself in a warm blanket or by a fire. Feeling frazzled, visualize a quiet stream in a forrest. these mini vacations are specific to the stress you feel.

Just Say No

Saying no to people is tough, but it is so vital in managing stress. You can’t do everything and and be everything to everyone. Identify if something is important to your success and happiness in the long run. If it is not, say no and practice it.

Be Assertive

Being assertive means not being passive or aggressive, it’s in between. when you ask for what you want and go for what you desire you are not tiptoeing around your real self. On the other hand, being too aggressive can lead you to anger yourself and others. It’s about balance and asking for help when you can’t do it on your own.

Ask for Help

When you are stressed, you’re trying to do too much. Asking your peer, family or coworkers for guidance or sharing the workload is so important. It’s not week to ask for a friendly open ear to listen to your situation or take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Nutrition/ Fitness

It’s so important for personal trainers to be healthy to push their clients toward their fitness goals. Clean healthy eating and regular exercise is so key.

Deep Breathing

Taking calm and deep breaths by breathing through your diaphragm and quieting the mind for about 10 minutes in a quiet room can help manage stress.

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