Insufficient Rest

Many people who want to gain muscle fast believe that the more you hit the gym, the more and faster gains you will see since you are working hard for it.

In fact, going 3-4 times a week can have better consequences in muscle gains than going 6 days a week since you are giving your muscles sufficient rest to rebuild itself.

Each muscle group should be targeted once per week for optimal results. Also, you should workout no longer than 60 minutes (45 minutes is preferable) because more than that and you will be wasting your time and might even have negative effects since your body will be producing increased amounts of cortisol level which trigger muscle breakdown.

This takes us to another misconception which is doing everything that bodybuilders do. Indeed, we can listen to much of their advice, but that does not mean we should train exactly like them. Many bodybuilders are on steroids and other stuff which gives them the ability of fast recovery and hitting the gym more often. However, for normal people, this is not the case.

Muscles need time to heal and be prepared before the next time you hit the same muscle group or else you might not be satisfied with the gains because you did not give your muscles sufficient rest.

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