How to Separate Health-related Facts from Scams

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

A busy woman like you doesn’t have time to read about everything in the internet regarding what’s real and what’s not in the world of fitness.

Most people simply base their opinion on what they see or hear in media, but unfortunately, that’s exactly how the vendors of these products want you to see or hear about them. Through advertisements only the catchy stuff sticks to your mind and nothing is said about possible side effects or harmful results.

You would have to do your own research on this, and here are some tips on how to separate facts from scams:

1. Beware of the catch. When you create an advertisement for something, you brandish its best features and disregard the worst ones. Advertisers even go as far as twisting the truth to serve their purpose. Sweeteners that are advertised for their “no calorie” content would surely win many people over with sweet words, but unfortunately, that is all based on a lie. Technically they have “no calories”, since they have less than 5 calories per pack. In short, they are playing with the technicality of the term “no calorie” in order to make buyers like you consider them appealing. Because otherwise, would you feel safe using synthetic sugar?

2. Always ask people you know. Strangers can testify all they want about the products you are planning to use, but the truth is the testimony of the people around you is the one that matters the most. If your friend or relative told you that she felt terrible stomachache after eating a certain superfood, will you still be willing to try it?

3. Observe and ask why. While some manufacturers of new products are working very hard at making the story about their new discovery believable, there are still some that are just plain absurd. You can separate these by simply asking yourself if their story checks out or at least makes sense. This would at least get rid of some unnecessary options.

Uncovering useless health products may be challenging, but if you put your thinking cap on and start to look at each one with a critical eye, you will surely find out the ones that are helpful and the ones that are just meant to extract money from you. This way, hopefully, you will be using only the real helpful ones and staying away from the others that do nothing good for your health.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Get Rockwell Nutrition biogenesis intestinal repair complex by following the link.

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