How to Lose Weight With Running - 3 Tips for Fast and Maximum Weight Loss Running Results

by David DACK

Trimming down and staying fit for good is no easy task. Nonetheless, running on a regular basis can help keep weight gain at bay while enjoying the best shape of your life. Running is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It sheds more pounds than other training regimes, makes you look younger and sexier, reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems, and so on.

As a result, if you’re thinking about starting a running program for weight loss, then here are 3 training guidelines that can help.

Build Your Endurance

As a new comer to the sport of running, the first thing you need to focus on is building your endurance and cardio power. See, if you’re really out-of-shape or haven’t done much exercise in the late years, rushing with your running training can lead to a myriad of injuries and health hitches.

The best training recipe for building endurance without running the risk of injuries or burnouts is to follow the walk-run-walk method. This method consists of combing running and walking. You build endurance with the running intervals, and recover with the walking boots.

As a beginner, you may start with 30-45 running intervals combined with one full minute walking breaks. The length of each set will mainly depend on your fitness level. As you get fitter, make sure to increase the running and ease up on the walking until you’re able to run straight for 30-minutes without much trouble.

Add more miles

When you’re able to comfortably complete a 30 minutes run without excessive discomfort or fatigue,, you could increase your running mileage without much worry. Start increasing your running mileage by no more than 10% from one week to the next. Sticking to the 10% rule helps you avoid injury and burnout, and can help you boost your running endurance and blast through colossal amounts of calories(mainly by preventing weight loss plateaus).

Let’s say that you’re starting out with 12 miles per week, you could aim to reach 13.5 or 14 miles the next week and build on that. Follow the pattern for 3 weeks and always cut down on your distance on the 4th week. The latter week is for recovery which will help your body adapt and readjust to the training load so it can get stronger for the impending workouts.

Interval Training

Obviously you can’t keep adding more miles to your running distance; otherwise you’ll be running 24 hour a day. No one has that kind of time and energy. In fact, if you’ve a life and are busy like the most of us, 30 minutes for a workout may be all you get. For that, interval training is the perfect training strategy for burning fat without burning much of your valuable time.

Also know as High Intensity Interval Training, this type of training tones your body, increases muscle mass, boosts your fitness level, and revs up your metabolism levels through the roof. All this with no more than 30 minutes per training session.

Here how to proceed with an interval running workout for weight loss:

- Always start with a decent warm-up. Jog slowly for 5 minutes, and stretch gently.
- Go for one full minute run 75-85% of your maximum heart rate, and then jog slowly for one minute for recuperation.
- Perform another interval at 80-90% of your max, take one full minute recovery.
- Repeat the cycle 9-10 times depending on your schedule and fitness level.
- End your workout with a cool down. Reduce your running pace into an effortless jog, breathe deeply, and stretch afterwards.

These training guidelines are really powerful and can get your stamina level through the roof. Nevertheless, knowledge is just potential power; you need to practice these running strategies and readjust your approach accordingly. Speed of implementation is the biggest factor in your running for weight loss success.

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Jul 20, 2015
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by: Lester H. Atkins

As for me, the best way to lose weight permanently - a proper nutrition and reasonable sports. Slimming, such as teas and pills provide only a temporary effect (tested on personal experience!)

So I fully support everything that is written in your article!
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