by Jessica Fry
(Currently in Iraq)

Well first of all I am in the Army Reserves and according to Army Standards I am currently 15 pounds over weight.

I'm 21 and 5'5" and weigh 165 pounds. So you do the math on how much they say Im supposed to weigh LOL. But what really motivates me is the fact that I want to pursue a career in the Army and retire as a One Star General.

Can't be overweight to do that LOL.

Also what motivates me is all the people in my life that have brought me down either by their own misery or just by them saying that I CANT DO THIS, OR I CANT DO THAT.

I've spent a lot of time saying that I couldn't do something. The only reason why I couldn't was because I wasn't doing anything. I'm not trying to get all buff or anything like that, just trying to lose this little bit of extra "love" I got around the edges.

Plus when people start to hate on me I just laugh because obviously I have something they want, something they don't have, or I'm doing something that's better than what they are doing. LOL.

Another thing that motivates me is the fact that I am deployed to Iraq right now and I have a husband, soon to be ex husband, back home that ruined my life. Yea it brought me down and all that but now I'm just motivated to show him what he's missing out on.

Well he already knows but I just want a way to rub it in his face. I don't know what motivates other people but this is what motivates me.

This is part of being a soldier, a civilian, and wife. "I WILL NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT."


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