ego !!!

by Priwoznik
(Florida )

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

"Leave your ego at the're not at the gym just to show off!!

From Cindy:

I remember a guy at the gym who was a regular and used to wear baggy workout clothes. It was hard to tell exactly how well built he was because of his clothing.He obviously knew what he was doing and followed a plan every time he came in. Very systematic and he worked out consistently. He was clearly strong as I could tell from the amount of weight he would use, but he never over-did it.

One time I saw a photo of him from a competition and was amazed at how well muscled he was. His body fat was amazingly low. He was what I would call ripped.

Had he come into the gym wearing tight clothing, showing off his physique, it would have been intimidating to anyone else who was working out there.

It proved that the slow steady consistent approach works and avoids injury and produces results. Talk to a trainer, develop a plan and quietly stick to it.

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