Build a Home Gym for Personal Fitness Needs

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Sometimes, working all week can take its toll and you donít feel like braving the weekend traffic jam just to get to the fitness center. The best solution for this predicament is to build a gym in your own home. Think you can do it? So many working women have done it, and for less than a thousand bucks, too.

Some benefits of having your own fitness space is that you donít have to leave the house. You will also do yourself a favor by investing on gym equipment. You can ditch the gym membership fee and have some buddies over for a great workout and homemade lemonade afterward. Then, when you decide that exercising alone is too lonely, you can resell the equipment and get your money back. There will still be a lot of buyers for second hand and even third-hand gym equipment.

Here are some tips for building your own home gym.

Have enough space for your equipment. The basement is a good place to have your gym because the flooring can handle the weight of all the equipment. The attic is not a good idea, while there is enough space up there for your gear. Allot at least ten square meters for your power rack and lifts. Make sure the ceiling is way above your height so that you donít have to worry about hitting it when you do your lifting.

Cover the floor to keep your tiles protected. This is particularly true if youíre lifting weights. If you drop them accidentally, you may damage your beautiful wooden floor or tiles. You also need the added padding on the floor so that the weights donít clank as loudly when you drop them. Ideally, two layers of plywood should be used. You can also add a rubber mat on top or a carpet, as both can muffle sound.

Install a mirror if you plan on having taebo sessions with some friends. Also, install an old television set and DVD player for this purpose. Having a lot of space to move around can allow other fitness activities like yoga and aerobics. If youíre after these activities more than lifting weights, you can sacrifice some of the heavy equipment to make room for yoga and aerobic dancing.

Storage. Have a storage spot for your water, gym bag, chalk and yoga mat. You will also need this spot for relaxing after your workout, so keep a couch and a small table around. This can also be the best place to install your intercom so that your family can reach you even if youíre doing your workouts.

Is this an expensive project? If you add in the savings from gym membership fees and gas, having a home gym is a frugal way of staying fit. After all, there are a lot of places now that sell cheap gym equipment. Look out for second hand items that are still in great condition.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Get Rockwell Nutrition designs for health cleanse by following the link.

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