Reduce fat at belly, buttock and thighs



I have a problem with big belly,thighs and buttocks.

The rest of my body is of normal size.

What can be done to slim these parts?

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Mar 22, 2015
wow so good NEW
by: Katrica

The best way to reduce fat is to work out regularly and also have a controlled diet. Preferably, fruits would be the best food to have. It is because they do have neither limitations nor specific time to be consumed. how to fix ntldr is missing

Jun 09, 2009
Way to Good Health
by: Anonymous

The belly, thighs and buttocks are the worst fats to get rid of. But the good news is that you can get rid of them. Before we begin let us make a resolution towards good health.

We often take it for granted. But our bodies are one of the wonderful creations of nature and we need to take care of it. Through life our bodies will give us happiness, pain, pleasure and all other wonderful feelings. These feelings remain positive when we have a wonderful body to experience it with. That being said let get to business.

The combination of exercise and diet are the way to go to being healthy. I will deal with diet first and then recommend exercise for the specific part you mentioned.

I would recommend switching to a veg diet. Basically green vegetables, roots, pulses etc... Make sure these different substance are rotated over the week. I know it is hard to cook two times are day but if you can have 2 different vegetables in two different meals that would give the body the strength to cope up with your new exercise routine.

I know you are desperate to hear about the exercises then all the mambo jumbo. So Lets get Started

1) Belly
Floor bicycle movement:
*) Step 1 - Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and legs straight out.
*) Step 2 - Contract your abdomen muscles and lift one leg bending your knee while raising your shoulders slightly off the floor without pulling your neck.
*) Step 3 - Bring your elbow and oposite knee together bending so that the elbow and knee just touch.
*) Step 4 - Lower and then change sides so the alternate legs in a bicycle movement touching knee to elbow. Repeat .

Move through the positions slowly. You can vary this ab exercise by bringing the knee and elbow of the opposite sides together requiring the upper body to turn slightly from side to side. This maneuver is very effective and works the oblique as well as both the upper and lower abdominals.

2) Thigh & Buttocks

Bent Leg Outer Thigh Lift:
*) Holding on to a chair, bend right knee to 90 degrees. Keeping body upright, lift bent leg out to the side as high as you can. Lower and repeat.

I could recommend more exercise. But it is really not needed. As your health improves your body will automatically demand more exercise. A piece of advice I will like to include, " Don't over strain yourself and don't cut you food supply drastically ". Patience is the key to everything. Take small baby steps at first, let your body act and interact with the feelings in your brain. When there is a synchronization there will automatically be good health. I hope I have been helpful and I wish you the very best of health.

Disclaimer: I have no degree in physical education or diet. The practices I have recommended are solely by experience.

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