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Just Wasting Time?
September 22, 2008

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Haven't put out a newsletter in a while so I wanted to update you on changes to the website at, specifically the new reviews that have been posted in Top Online Weight Loss Programs.

We reviewed a couple of new programs that get our top recommendation (Fit Over 40 and Fat Loss For Idiots) as well as one that you should avoid like the plague (Top Secret Fat Loss Secret)!


"Just wasting time..."

I received a shocking email from someone I respect the other day that I want to share with you.

My friend just came right out and told me the brutal truth:

"You're wasting months of your life for nothing."

Pretty scary. I had no idea what he meant so I kept reading...

"Look, just figure out how many hours you're spending in the gym and doing cardio every week. Multiply that number by 52. Then email me back."

So I did the math. It freaked me out! It was a lot more time than I thought. I was spending literally YEARS of my life in the gym. Let's not even talk about cooking food and eating 5-7 times a day.

Well, I'm a fitness trainer so I spend a lot of time working out, and many of my clients complain of not having time to doe the workouts they should. Can you relate?

Anyway, I emailed him back and here's what he said:

"Okay, take that number down to less than an HOUR a week...tops. How much time have you just added to your life?"

The obvious answer: A lot!

By now I was wanting him to give me the answer. If there was a workout program where I could see results in minutes a day versus hours I was all ears. I've got some clients that could use something like that too!

He said, "Check out my latest book and video series."

Here's the website so you can see it too --

7 Minute Muscle < ---

The guy I'm talking about is bestselling fitness author Jon Benson. His latest book "7 Minute Muscle" is an absolute jaw-dropper. You owe it to yourself to at least visit his homepage and discover what this is all about.

Jon spent three years researching one simple question: "How can you get the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time?"

Seems like common sense, right? Well it's not. Most people are spending FAR more time than necessary to get results.

And get this --

--- > I learned that all that time in the gym --- > was keeping me from the body I wanted.

Of course there is more to the story than just "working out less." This is not some gimmick that involves pills or gadgets either. Honestly, it's hard work. But only 7 minutes of it.

7 minutes. No joke.

After that 7 minutes you feel like your muscles will explode from the pump. You get leaner, stronger, and you do it faster than any other workout I've ever seen. Your energy shoots through the roof to boot.

See for yourself --

7 Minute Muscle < ---

I'm sure you'll love "7 Minute Muscle" as much as I do. Even more, you'll love the months of life you'll get back by training smarter, not longer.

Enjoy those extra hours of life!


Cindy and Bruce

P.S. Jon has some limited-time offers going on right now so it's a good time to check out his homepage. Go see what others are saying about this revolutionary new way to train in just 7 minutes a day --

7 Minute Muscle < ---



A blonde is terribly overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet. "I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, you'll have lost at least five pounds." When the blonde returns, she's lost nearly 20 pounds. "Why, that's amazing!" the doctor says. "Did you follow my instructions?" The blonde nods. "I'll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day." "From hunger, you mean?" asked the doctor. "No, from skipping."

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