Web MD Weight Loss Clinic

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    The Web MD Weight Loss Clinic is the only online weight loss program that iscompletely customized to each individual's personal preferences, lifestyle,and eating habits. You begin by filling out an in-depth questionnaire aboutyour current eating habits. You receive a nutritional analysis of yourcurrent food consumption, and then you receive an eating plan designed torespect your current habits, but to provide optimal calorie and fat intakefor weight loss, as well as provide all the nutrients you need to stayhealthy.

  • Last Reviewed:
    August, 2004

  • Membership:
    • Two Week Free Trial.
    • Gold Member: (Sounds like a movie doesn't it?) $60 for 3 months, then $14.95/month thereafter.
    • Platinum Member: $99 for 6 months, then $9.95/month thereafter.

  • Membership Benefits

    • Your answers to an in-depth eating habits evaluation are used to prepare your detailed nutritional analysis report, so you can see where your diet needs improvement.
    • An eating plan, based on your eating habits and food preferences, is prescribed.
    • Interactive journal to track your foods and provide you with weekly feedback of your progress.
    • No abrupt changes when making the transition from your current eating patterns to your new eating plan.
    • Interactive exercise journal.
    • Community support - discussion boards for communicating with other members.
    • The latest weight loss news.
    • Access to experts.

  • Comments:
    With over 20 million visitors a month, Web MD.com is one of the most popular health information sites on the net. It is also a publicly traded company that has won many awards for medical journalism.

    Web MD Weight Loss clinic is an offshoot of the main site but has the credibility of its parent in the information it provides its members.

    While the WebMD weight loss clinic provides top-flight expertise on diets and nutrition, they don't give you an exercise program and therefore, in our humble opinion, it falls short of ideal.

    Weight Loss Clinic from WebMD - 2 Weeks Risk Free

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